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024 – How to strengthen the board for directors’ and managements’ actionability
17th August 2021 • The Human Factor • Sonja Stirnimann
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When we talk about what should be done to reach the next maturity level– often the focus is rather on our teams and employees than on the boards.

How about the boards? Especially the boards actionability?

There are practical approaches to strengthen the boards actionability. And with that – the entire organisation they serve to!


Without actionability we are having boat with a dysfunctional seamanship.

Bringing it back to the business world – a dysfunctional board works against the vision – promised. Even though it is often not obvious.

And the root cause is kept protected – in many cases I see during serious investigations when it comes to – non-compliance.

A strong actionable board is important! Important to steer towards the vision – with a supporting strategy and wise tactics.

The actionability of a board is not just the sum of each individual serving in the board – and here the challenge starts.


Key pillars to strengthen our actionability:

  • Recognise
  • Validate
  • Preparation

Let’s think about – what can you do as an individual and as part of a board to increase and strengthen your actionability?

A few ideas when it comes to the recognition pillar are Include actionability

- On the boards agenda as a topic to be discussed (this must be the initial stept before anything else)

- In the strategic discussion

- In the risk management process – it starts with the risk landscape and actionability is part of it

- into the yearly assessment of the non-executive board

- goal setting process of the executive team

A validation does not only consist of an assessment. There are other valuable aspects to validate the individual and group actionability.

We need to prepare based on what we have learned during the validation phase – on an individual level and on a board level.


Let’s think about – what can you do as an individual and as part of a board to increase and strengthen your actionability?


In Episode 20 I talked about how to prepare for incidents – You will find other ideas how to do so there too.


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