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Episode 363 – Tuesday Fretter and Friday Geekplay
Episode 36314th February 2022 • SeanGeek and FastFret Podcast • Sean McGinity
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Ronald George Moore from the Manitoba Moneyshot Podcast for the first time. And we talk about everything! After introducing our guest, (10:33) chatted about Secret Wars issue 8 and the Comic Book Men, (14:06) action figures, (17:00) graphic novels, (19:12) She-Hulk, Chyna and Brigitte Nielsen, and (25:30) Weird Al Yankovic.

(30:56) After the technical glitch, FastFret and SeanGeek talk about their mom and her musical history.

(39:52) The main event, we put through RGM through our own version of the Manitoba Moneyshot! We Versus his butt.

(47:03) We talk some inside baseball on Podcasting, (1:00:19) shake our head at Spotify and their obsession with Drake, (1:02:32) and talk about the trend of movie theatres spoiling movies just before the movie starts.

Editor’s Note: There was a technical glitch halfway through the recording that we had to patch up.

You can find the Manitoba Moneyshot here:


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