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Lead with your Values: Actionable Steps to Confidently Serve Clients with Lindsay White
Episode 606th December 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Many online business owners get their start in the corporate world before they set out to become entrepreneurs. It's a place where we can learn some great skills, but we can also develop a faulty perception of how valuable our talents truly are when we’re playing by somebody else’s rules. 

My guest Lindsay White left her corporate job in 2019 and set out to create a freelance business that was able to not only replace her corporate salary but exceed it, all while giving her the flexibility to work exactly how she wanted to work.  Now she’s the owner of a successful marketing agency and helps other women gain the marketing skills to go out on their own and build their own successful freelance marketing businesses. 

Listen to get all the details about her career as a corporate Director of Marketing, and how she shares her framework and processes to open up a world of possibility with her clients.

 Highlights from this Episode

We talk about:

  • Learning Director of Marketing role in an in-house agency in the corporate environment and beginning freelancing to take control over her future, and run and scale her own online marketing business

  • Connecting with the first client creating a strategy, and recognizing the opportunity to fill a need in the online space.

  • Empowering women to recognize their talents and confidently offer their skills to a broader client base

  • The simple steps you can take to create a values-based business to help align your business with your goals, and stay off the hamster wheel of hustle while building or growing your business.

  • Managing the balance between increasing cash flow and growing your services without burning out through planning what offer model is sustainable for you.

  • The actionable steps to take TODAY to start moving the needle forward in your service-based business.

  • The benefits of hiring a Director of Marketing for those looking to hire

  • The 3-month cohort program Lindsay created to educate and certify DOMs and help build the skills and confidence to support your business and pivot into the new role.






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