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The Journey to Recurring Revenue with Des Dobreva Part 2
Episode 8620th May 2022 • Visualise You • Beth Hewitt
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In episode #86 You get to listen to part two of a truly inspiring and motivating interview with the Branding Queen™ Des Dobreva.  Des is a Brand Strategist and membership Site Expert, TEDx speaker and published author. She’s worked with businesses from over 50 industries and in the most competitive markets in the world and she’s helped them build profitable brands, turning them into recurring revenue machines.

Des is recognized for her unconventional approach to business because she dives into the true essence of the human behind the brand and helps them build an empire simply by being 100% themselves! 

And yes Des is my mentor and coach who supported me to launch the Visualise and Thrive Business Club, back in February following her recurring revenue programme. 

In this episode we delve deeper into the life lessons that Des has experienced along her journey and stick around to find out how you can work with Des for free for five whole days later this month, it’s a challenge this has the power to transform your life and business. 

In this episode, Des and I discuss:

  • How creating a fake persona online can eventually feel horrible, especially when you start having success and that start feeling that you don’t love what you have created and that you aren’t being authentically you.
  • How you should never settle for being simply tolerated in your business.  You either need to be loved or hated and owning both of these will make you highly profitable.
  • How Cyberbullying and a stalker took Des from not wanting to exist to no longer caring whatsoever about what other people think of her – A powerful transformation and realisation.
  • That whenever anyone attacks you on or offline, it is never about YOU and always about THEM.
  • We discuss how Des feels she is being called to help others gain confidence.
  • And how right now, there has never been an easier time to quit and give up, the question is are you really ready for entrepreneurship – if you are, join us for the free 5 Day Challenge Starting the 23rd of May.

Enjoy the show and remember to sign up for FREE for the free 5-day challenge.

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