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How to get clear on your values and have a heart centred business
Episode 25118th July 2022 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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Today’s episode of the podcast is a solo episode where I talk about how to ensure that your business aligns with your values, and how to change it if you’re not currently doing it.  


  • What I mean by being a heart centred business
  • The importance of mindset and the difference it has made to me and my members
  • How knowing my values helped me turn down a job that appeared to be a dream opportunity
  THE ONE THING YOU NEED TO REMEMBER ABOVE ALL ELSE: Being crystal clear on what your values are will help you to understand how to create your dream business!   HIGHLIGHTS YOU SIMPLY CAN’T MISS:
  • How to know what values are most important to you
  • How to find the balance between staying true your values when it clashes with your business
  • The things I have changed for my business to be more in line with who I am
  RESOURCES MENTIONED: Listen to the bro marketing episode with Dr Michelle Mazur: On Apple On Spotify On Google Join the Dream Business Club  


  Hello and a really warm welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? So if you are new around here, I'm Teresa welcome. It's great to have you here. And if you've been a long term listener. I am so grateful that you have stuck around. I appreciate it so much, or I literally would just be talking to myself in a room, uh, for no good reason. So this week I wanted to talk to you about how you have a value driven business and how you have a heart centered business. And what I mean by all that. And how do you even know if you are doing that? How do you change if you're not? So a lot of this has come down to the fact of, I think I've always had, I've always aligned my business with my values unbeknowingly really I've just happened to have done it. And then when I've done this exercise and various things, I've realized that actually it sits pretty well. But not all aspects of my business aligned with the values and who I am and what I'm about. And when we talk about heart centered, what I mean by that is that it lines up with my passion and my purpose and it lines up with me and who I am. And it makes me feel good. Like when I think of something being heart centered, it's like you're coming from a great place and it feels nice. And if you've been listening for a while, you know that I've gone through a bit of a, you know, a bit of an interesting time in terms of all of this in terms of realizing that actually some things in my business didn't make me feel nice. Particularly how it comes down to selling in the online space and what some people are like. And, and how it can be a little bit underhand and a bit, little bit sleazy and a little bit bro marketing. And if you're not sure, you know what I mean by all that go back and listen to the episode with Dr. Michelle. I'll make sure we link up to that in the show notes. But yeah. So for me, I've been trying to bring more in line with who I am. Now. The products that I sold, the service that I give were always very much in line with me. I, uh, you know, want to do things very credibly. I listen to people. I see people. My community matter to me and I've never taken anybody or anything I do for granted. I'm also not too big for my boots that I won't do anything and everything that people ask me to, if I can fit it in. And if I've got time. I care about my community. So I will respond to everybody who DMs me or emails me and those things felt good. But the thing that didn't feel good was the fact of the money side and bringing people in through different ways. Now the problem is they work, right? And that's the annoying thing. So if I do an open and closed cart on my membership and tell you that you've only got 48 hours to get in, you're gonna panic a little bit. Maybe.  If you're interested and you're gonna think, oh, I need to get in or otherwise I'm gonna miss out. But that's a sales tactic. That's a you know, fear of missing out tactic. So now I have my membership fully open. You can join at any point, but that in itself causes a problem. Because I'm not giving you that scare tactic to get in there. So I think this is a tricky one because I am doing what I can. But then I think as buyers and consumers, we've gotta stop falling for it. We've gotta stop getting into those traps and realizing that actually someone who's willing to be there consistently and wait for you and go "I'm here when you are ready." Is worth 10 times the people who are going will you better get in or otherwise it's gonna close. And I never realized that for a long time. And I did, you know, some time ago and now, you know, the more I see this tactic going on, the more it drives me crazy, the more I see that people just, you know, don't have someone replying to their DMs or sorry. They don't reply to their DMs, they get someone else to. The more I see people only post when they've got something to sell or email when they've got something to sell. It just makes me feel really like that is not nice. That for me, doesn't fit with my values and doesn't feel heart centered. That's not, they're not doing it. It, and this is the thing, right? If I wanted to create something with you in mind, I wouldn't do open and close cart, which is why I'm not doing it anymore. Because if I'm thinking of you in mind, I need to allow you to join and get my support and help whenever you need it. I don't sit here and go, well, you can have it, but only in these very specific times that I open the doors. So for me, this is kind of the thoughts I've been having around my mind. But like I said, what we're gonna talk about today is how do you get to do what you see is a values driven business? So the first thing we need to get super clear on is what your values are? Like. That's number one. Because if you don't know what your values are, you're gonna have a real job actually then lining up in your business. So one of the things that we do in the membership all the time, every month, we do a mindset exercise. And the reason we do mindset exercise is because mindset is so incredibly important to everyone in business. It used to be something that I never thought about. It was something that I didn't, you know, not care much about, but I guess I didn't even think it was a thing that affected my business, how very naive I was. And it's huge. And that's why, because it's so huge and because I've done so much work and I am very lucky to hang out with some very smart, personal development people and, you know, mindset people that I've done, all this work. And now it's crazy important to me. And I've seen the difference it's made to me and my members. Like, I can't even tell you the difference it's made to some of my members. It's phenomenal, so phenomenal. And the, and the difference to their business is because of it. So every single month, like I said, we do a mindset activity. And one of the activities that are in the membership, but we do every so often, probably once a year, because it's so important to keep doing it is a values exercise. And it's how you find out what your values are. So the first thing I talk about is like, what different values are there. So it could be discipline, diversity, excellence, excitement. It could be faith. It could be, uh, focus. It could be positivity. It could be tolerance. It could be freedom or joy. It might be calmness, cheerfulness. It might be, uh, democracy, diligence, humor, honor. Like. All the different words you can think of. So the first thing I do is I go through a massive list of words and I did this in my VIP retreat as well, which is so powerful. And I might do it at my September event. I will see how I feel. Let's start with what we can get fit in. If I get time, I will fit this in. But if we don't it's because other amazing stuff is going on. So I give them a big, long list and I get 'em to pick 10. So they have to pick 10 of these values that are the most resonating with them or the most important. But then we need to find out what's the most important on what their top three are. And what I do is I take them through a number of questions and a number of steps that basically helps them whittle it down. And it's a really powerful exercise the way I do it because you're basically given a chance to do something amazing if you give me one of your values. So then that makes you go, well, I don't wanna give any of my values away, but if I didn't wanna give any away, which one would I have to give away, and then it kind of makes you automatically give away the one that isn't the most important.  Like I said, this exercise is, uh, the recording is available in the club. If you wanna come and join at any level, you will get this recording. Honestly, this exercise alone is worth the $19 that you will pay for your first month. And then what happens is following the end of the exercise, we then have three values and those three values are the most important values you've got because you've whitled them down. And you can't just do this on your own. It, it, yeah, this, like I said, I've done this exercise myself and it's super, super powerful. So. And then what that does that kind of gives you that, okay. You know, these are the most important things to me. I, uh, a great example of this. I gave one about my husband a long time ago about his job, but it's, I'm gonna give a different one. So one of my values is freedom. I love the fact that I have an element of freedom in my business, and actually my freedom value stands for two things. One it's me and my freedom and two it's financial freedom for me as well. So the fact of not having to worry about money or stress about it, or the options that I can do things when I have money. Anyway, freedom's really high on my list. And I was offered a job, when I used to do more consultancy and had clients, I was offered a job and it was for someone who is massive in the online space. And it was amazing that I got offered the job and they came to me and said, I really wanna work with you, but I, I want you to basically give up your business and come and work for me.  And I really quickly, and I didn't even think about the values at that point. I knew straight off the bat. That was a no, I did not wanna go back being employed, no matter how much money they're offering. I was at the point of starting to build an online business or thinking about it. So I knew that that was a straight, no. And then they came back to me and said, okay, would you consult us? But I want you to consult three days a week. Now the money was obscene. Right. It was crazy, amazing money. And I remember talking to my VA, I was in Dubai at the time doing some training. So that in itself was flipping amazing. And I'm in the hotel room in Dubai. And I'm speaking with my VA and I'm saying to her. "Okay. So this is what they've come back to. I've said this much money and they've come back and said yes." And she was like, what's wrong with you? Like, why aren't you happy? Because that's amazing. Like that money is unbelievable to work with this person. Unbelievable. The fact that they want you, she was like, why are you not jumping for joy? And I was like, I don't know. It just didn't feel right. And the truth was it's because it didn't align with my value of freedom, because I knew even on three days a week, I would be owned too much by someone. And that just didn't fit right.  So luckily for me, I politely declined again. And we had a conversation and, and nothing came of it, which was fine, but I knew something was wrong. And it was because it was out of whack with my values. So knowing what they are knowing that it's so important. And again, the example I've given my husband is that he is a very hands on man. He likes really doing physical work. And when he worked in the air force, he was physically on the planes doing the work, and now he has an office job and it's a great job and he loves it. Well, yeah, he does love it, but he's not as happy as he used to be. And he's like, you know, but the benefits are great and the money's great and the company's great. And it's like, yeah, but they could be the best thing in the world, but you are not doing where your values lie, your values lie, and you feel accomplished when you physically fixed something or changed something or done something, and you're not getting a chance to do that. So that makes him feel better. That it's not that he's been ungrateful, that he, you know, has all these benefits and this salary and the nice company and whatever it is, it's just not in line with his values. So. So, like I said, for me, the values thing is so very important and that values exercise is really, really important. So working out what your values are helps you understand what you liked in your business. So when I did this in my membership, one of the ones that came up for someone was, and I'm looking through the words now trying to remind myself of the exact word, but it was something to do with like charity or being kind, or basically like, just, I can't even think what the word was. No it's gone. I can't remember. But basically it was just sort of talking about the fact that they liked being generous and giving things away for free. And she was like, that's why I don't wanna charge. And when we did the exercise, she realized that that was one of her high values. And she's like, "That's obviously why I don't wanna charge much. And I find it really hard to charge and take money for what I do."  So I was like, "Okay, so we need to build that somewhere because your business is not a business if you're not charging and making money, now, you don't have to make millions. That's not the idea, but you do have to live. So if that's so important to you, then what we need to do is find a way in which you can meet that value, but not in a way that is detrimental to your business."  So we talked about the fact, well, why not do something like pick a charity a year and work with that, or give so much of a percentage to charity or do some places for free for certain types of communities or people or whatever it might be. So we were able to build into her business. That aspect of it is ultraism. If I am, is that the wrong word? Um, I'm gonna have to Google that. And I think that's what it is. But yeah, you know, we are gonna have to build that into your business because otherwise, you know, you are gonna want to do it and that's gonna prevent you. Whereas now you can go out and say, this is what I charge and to appease this other side of my values, I do this to help. So that's why it's super, super important. So coming from a point that makes your heart happy, makes you feel comfortable with all the things you're doing. And I want you to think about this as well as thinking about this value exercise. I want you to think about if it doesn't feel nice, why are you doing it? Like. You know, can you not just tip it on its head and think of doing something else? So again, it's a bit like the September event. I've just done the VIP event a few weeks back, and it's amazing. And I love it. And everyone got so much from it, but because of the location and because of how beautiful it is and how stunning the rooms are and the food and everything, it's an expensive trip, you know, it's not open to everybody cuz it's quite a lot of money. And the event that we're doing in September is purposely. Aligned with my values better because my value of, or the reason I wanted to do the VIP event was I wanted to help people. And then I have to go well, okay. If I wanna help people, do I have to do it that way? Or is there a way that I can help more people. The same with when I changed the pricing on the membership, you know, I wanted to help people, but it was $97 to come and join the membership. Now, is it worth it? Hell yes. Like in a heartbeat it's worth it. You know, get on a coaching call for 10 minutes and you've probably earned that, but. Is it open to everybody? No, because not everyone is at the stage where that is an okay amount of money to spend a month on a membership, which is why I opened the $19 level. But again, I had to make sure that I wasn't just open a $19 level just to kind of appease myself, it again, what I was offering had to fit my values, which is quality and that it's credible and there's integrity around it. So the values, exercise, understanding what your values are. Understanding, whether things feel nice in your business and therefore coming from a heart centered place is super, super important. So again, short as sweet episode, but I'm always really conscious where that, you know, it's a lot, even though I tend to listen to podcasts and books when I'm doing other things, sometimes if they go on and on it's, you know, we're all very busy. So. These solo episodes, I'm trying to keep kind of short and sweet, but also I'm trying to do the same with the interviews, but the problem is they're too good. And I get chatting and then I think, oh my God, it's 45 minutes. And I've not even got going, so, okay. I'm gonna leave you to it for another week. Do you go check out the membership. Like I said, the club is an amazing place. We have amazing people in there and I know you'd fit in perfectly. This...




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