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Dr. Tom Bigda-Peyton - Transforming the Future of Learning Through Research and Education with Springboard Labs
Episode 1012nd May 2023 • The Indispensables • RainmakerThinking, Inc.
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This week on The Indispensables, I am joined by Dr. Tom Bigda-Peyton of Springboard Labs and Catholic Health!

Dr. Tom Bigda-Peyton is Co-founder and Executive Director of Springboard Labs, a social venture organization founded in 2023 to transform corporate learning and organizational development. Dr. Bigda-Peyton is also a Senior Advisor on Organizational Development and Learning at the Center for Performance Excellence, Catholic Health. 

He joined Catholic Health in 2015 as Chief Learning Officer and VP, of Organizational Development. Prior to that, Tom led several major change initiatives, including the Ontario Health Transformation Learning Partnership, the Safety Across High-Consequence Industries Conference, and the Innovation Expedition in Healthcare. 

Tom has led several consulting practices and currently serves as a co-facilitator of Learning industry roundtables, cross-industry learning labs, and virtual learning labs for executives. He has an EdD and an EdM from Harvard University, with a concentration in organizational behavior and intervention.





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