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Loving the Life You Have with Nina Powell
Episode 736th March 2024 • Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast • Karine Bedard
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Episode73: Loving the Life You Have with Nina Powell


Today my special guest is Nina Powell.

Purposed with infectious inspiration, Nina is the founder of the Wild, Divine, Orgasmic Leadership Movement. Nina is sharing her liberation with the world's most impeccable women through individual and group experiences and retreats. Her clients, the bravest of women; enjoy amazing connections to their body, feel exquisite levels of self-expression, and step into their power like nobody's business. These women access their true inner goddess, magnetize their desires, and hold a divine magnetism that brings them an impenetrable inner joy and peace.

"When my inner world transformed I realised much of my thinking of this or that not being right was my nervous system being bound up with the past. It was causing me to want to run. Fight, flight or freeze are the only solutions that our ancient brain structures have.

Truth can only come once we've transformed our inner world and reclaimed our life force.

Then we find that it’s possible to both create an amazing life AND enjoy it!"

Our conversation today went in many directions but at the heart of it, we discussed not just creating the life you want but actually loving the life you have as the catalyst for change. When we love being ourselves and love our life even when it isn't exactly how we want it, we start to create the very life we desire. When we learn to enjoy each moment and bring pleasure into our lives, we start to notice and experience things we never noticed before. When we get out of our heads and into our bodies we start to feel and experience life at a different level.

Life becomes a new adventure that we can embark on with curiousity. We can experience joy in the little things that we would never have noticed before. Pleasure is a birthright but we have been taught that it is irresponsible or an extra in life, however, without pleasure, life becomes mundane and difficult. We are built to enjoy pleasure, sensation, and joy but our society and all of it's rules have shut us down from the experience of truly living!

If you would like to get in contact with Nina Powell, you can use the link below:


Love, Karine

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