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When It’s Just One Thing After Another
Episode 7410th July 2023 • Stress-Less Physician • Sara Dill
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Sometimes life hands us trouble after trouble. One thing goes wrong, then another, then another… and before you know it, you’ve suffered through a series of difficult times. When that happens, employing some thought work skills, along with gaining insight and perspective, is invaluable.

What prompted this podcast was my own experience of just one thing after another going wrong. I wanted so badly to be able to hit pause and make it stop. That, in turn, prompted me to examine why it seems like things happen one right after the other, and how I respond when they do. Let’s talk about it.

“I sort of like to be happy when I think about one thing happening after another because if I don’t like whatever this thing is–the good news is–there’s going to be something coming pretty darn soon that I might like a whole lot more.” – Dr. Sara Dill

What You’ll Learn

  • Life doesn’t stop
  • Why we notice
  • There will always be more
  • Feel better now
  • Something else is coming

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