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1029 - Uncover Your Unique Purpose with Made for Purpose's Lathan Craft
1st January 2022 • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur • Josh Elledge of
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In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to Lathan Craft, the owner of Made for Purpose

At Made for Purpose, Lathan believes everyone is born uniquely. The fog of corporate America often strips people of their humanity. Lathan says people are being born uniquely and are dying generally. Corporate America has consumed our lives so much that the deepest, most unique parts of ourselves have been overshadowed by our jobs. 

Lathan shares his experiences and how he came to the realizations he’s reached. He helps people find their lost or undiscovered purposes. Through coaching clients, Lathan has found that people do know who they are, but they need to work through the baggage of self limiting beliefs and more. Lathan helps his clients work through these issues so they can reach their true selves and purpose. 

Most people forget or are told their true callings and purposes “aren’t enough”. The way corporate America is designed is to eliminate room for anyone’s true purposes in their jobs. Work consumes lifetimes, and society is reflecting that. 

Josh and Lathan explore the obstacles around leaving corporate America and what to do as you start contemplating your reality and life trajectory. We often believe the pain and failures we experience don’t serve a purpose – but what if your scars were storytellers and your pain taught you life lessons? Failure can tie into your uniqueness in order to help you fulfill your purpose. 

Learning and growing from pain isn’t easy, but it starts with accepting your failures and stories. Let them help to build you up and add to your life’s purpose. 

When you’re contemplating your reality, ask yourself who you are without your job and titles. Contemplate why you started hating your job and what you can do to begin to create change. 

The way to help yourself isn’t to give yourself a new job. Rather, change your mindset and view on work. You have to change the problem, not just the process, according to Lathan. 

Josh and Lathan also talk about how you have to combine discomfort with self-reflection in order to grow. There are often major issues with employers, but at the same time, everyone on the planet is having a human experience. Figure out the story your scars tell, what makes you who you are, and how to move forward. 

If you’re interested in Lathan’s work, check out his Made for Purpose blog and the welcome video found on their website. Don’t hesitate to email Lathan if you want to learn more. 

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