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I Bonds Paying 9.62%... What's The Catch?
Episode 2915th July 2022 • Dollar Wise Podcast • HFM Investment Advisors, LLC
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Right now, I-bonds present an extremely attractive 9.6% rate of return. So, how come we never hear about I-bonds? Learn why I-bonds are currently popular, how to buy them, and whether your should in this snappy episode of the Dollar Wise Podcast.

Tune into this episode to learn: 

  • How much money you can make by investing in I-bonds 
  • Pros and cons of buying I-bonds
  • Whether you should use your emergency fund to buy I-bonds 



[00:32] Episode overview: I Bonds

[01:23] Why are I Bonds popular right now? 

[02:43] Are I-bond returns guaranteed?

[04:35] How much I-Bonds can you buy?

[05:21] How long is your money tied up for when you buy I-bonds?

[06:51] What are I-bonds good for? Reasons to buy I-bonds. 

[09:30] How to buy I-bonds. 


3 Key Highlights 

  1. I-Bonds are purchased from the US government. You can buy them from Their interest rate is pegged to inflation. This is why they are popular right now with inflation running just over 9%. 

  1. I-Bond returns are guaranteed. The rate of return is recalculated every 6 months. Right now that rate is 9.6% but the rate will get recalculated every 6 months. 

  1. At maximum, each US citizen can only buy $15,000 of I-bonds each year.

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