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S4 Ep5: Hester Ross on Seeing the Big Picture
Episode 514th June 2023 • Surface Time with Stephanie • Stephanie Luo
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Hester was the person who got me off my procrastinating mode and started to produce Surface Time. When we did the recording, she has been on the “mummy’s break” from scuba diving for some time. I am sure that all mums who happen to be scuba divers can relate.

One thing that really rings true to me from our chat is the Big Picture. Always take a step or more steps back and look at the greater version of the picture.

Her trip to Tonga and swim with Humpback Whale while being 6 months pregnant was originally intended as a “baby moon”. However, her narrative changes when she was floating in the water resonating with Humpback singing. It turns out to be the first big adventure of the family together. Her attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro became the life changing experience. The takeaway was that when you focus so much on the end-goal and become obsessed with not achieving that end-goal, you are actually depriving yourself from appreciating and enjoying what life is in the present moment.

Here is a little tip that you could try, especially, when you are dealing with any challenges…What would you say in completing this sentence: I don’t like the circumstance that I am in right now. However, if this difficulty did not happen, I would not have….

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