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The Catherine B. Roy Show - Catherine B. Roy EPISODE 1, 17th October 2020
#01 How to Give Great Voice and Achieve Extraordinary Success with Tasia Valenza
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#01 How to Give Great Voice and Achieve Extraordinary Success with Tasia Valenza

Your voice is a tool that creates the art of verbal communication. By thinking like a voice actor and understanding the roles you play in your own life, honing the ability to communicate powerfully, persuasively, and confidently in all areas of your professional and personal life you can make a huge difference and achieve unbelievable success! Whether you feel like I’m reading your mind or the thought makes you shudder, my guest today, Tasia Valenza is about to convince you.

Tasia is an EMMY award winning voiceover artist, Founder of Give Great Voice, TEDx speaker, and a coach who understands the power of connecting to people with empathy, compassion, and charisma.

Her passion is to take your words off the page and breath and speak life into them!

She comes from an acting background and brings that skill set to all of her projects and your copy to life by understanding the direction that the director, writer, and client has in mind.

If you're looking for the top female voiceover artist for your project, keynote speaker who will inspire your audience or a coach who will show you how to use your voice and truly make an impact, Tasia is the best of the best!

She worked with thousands of companies. ABC, NBC, Hallmark, Disney, Nissan, Subaru, Ford, Toyota, KFC, Verzion, Epson, Samsung to name a few…



1 - Learn more about giving a great voice and how it can change your life and career.

2 - Learn more about how to become a powerful, captivating but compassionate public speaker.

3 - Learn more about how to utilize your voice as a coach, consultant, business owner, increase your impact and grow your business.




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