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072 Comparisonitis and Why You Need Competitors
Episode 7228th October 2021 • The Surveyor Hub Podcast • Marion Ellis
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When you know who you are being in business or life, you aren't compelled to compete. Why? Because you're clear on who you serve, what you do, the value you bring to your clients and you are able to charge what you're worth.

And yet so many surveyors who run businesses, too often suffer from comparisonitis and have one eye on the competition, rather than doing the work to understand who their clients are, who want to hand money over to you, because they value the experience you bring as a surveyor.

What We Cover:

- How to do market research to explore your competitors

- Where to find help with marketing and building online presence

- How to differentiate yourself from the competitors in an authentic way

- How to build a more positive perspective towards your competitors

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