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Trailer10th September 2023 • Time to Talk Travel • Hashtag Travels
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Even the worst travel day is better than a day without adventure.

Hi, we're a group of friends who met as travel writers and influencers over ten years ago. A decade has changed our lives, our jobs, our locations and the way we travel. Our kids are older and travel looks different these days.

What didn't change? The craving for conversation and community.

Enter Time to Talk Travel, a weekly podcast, centered around conversations and a sheer love of hitting confirm on our next adventure.

Every week we'll be here with stories, tips, tricks, lessons learned and inspiration for your next trip.

Let's meet our frequent fliers, the writers of .

On most episodes Ciaran Blumenfeld, Desiree Miller and Nasreen Stump will be leading the travel conversation.

Ciaran left the tech and marketing world to focus on her love of writing. She splits her time between travel writing and photography and writing fiction as Ciara Blume. She lives in California.

Desiree is comfortable behind the camera, producing TV news segments, and in front of the camera telling us about her travels. She's always booking the next trip and planning the next story. Des lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

Nasreen started as a business traveler in B2B sales. Travel writing let her share stories from her trips. She now consults on content and sales writing. Nasreen lives in southern New Hampshire, with easy access to Boston Logan Airport.

Also appearing on select episodes of Time to Talk Travel are Maureen and Shari:

Maureen is a Canadian transplant to the Houston, Texas area. She has worked across a broad range of travel writing and spokesperson roles. These days she travels for business, pleasure and to keep up with her kids competitive sailing schedules.

Shari is located in New York and loves explore international destinations. When she's in New York she loves to head into the city. As a freelancer and social media strategist, she feels lucky to always have new topics and destinations to dive into.

We hope you'll join us as this podcast plane takes off!