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Psychic Characters | TSMP #014
Episode 149th August 2020 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Are you a psychic character when you're performing? Do you want to start performing with a psychic flair?

Following on from last week's episode, we have a mini-interview but in reverse! This week, Aidan is interviewing Ashley to dive deeper into the realm of psychic entertainment and what Ashley has learned since he began taking this presentational approach.

Topics Include:

  • Ashley's Introduction into the Psychic Character
  • Applying External Interests into Your Mentalism
  • What it ACTUALLY MEANS to Perform as a 'Psychic Character'
  • How To Learn about the Psychic Industry
  • The Use of Disclaimers
  • Choosing Material as a 'Psychic Character'
  • Ethics of a Psychic Character
  • Actions Ashley Is Taking To Improve His Character

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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