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Accountability is key to building a remotely-run business - Part 1
Episode 914th October 2022 • Business Veda • Malay Damania
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"You need an accountability partner if you are really serious about doing something worthwhile in your business." -Malay Damania

Has it ever happened to you that you heard a motivational speech or speaker and felt like nothing in this world is unattainable? You got into this space of possibilities and enthusiasm feeling supercharged and victorious. 

Alas! That feeling of victory is short-lived. That motivation is short-lived. 

But then how can you make it permanent? Make it a reality.

Today in this episode of Business Veda Podcast your host Malay Damania is sharing how you can implement the motivation and knowledge as sustained actions and how the probability of you reaching your goals can be increased.

Join in as Malay shares: 

  1. What you can do to perform better and reach your full potential?
  2. Who is an accountability partner?
  3. How to choose an accountability partner
  4. What are the traits you should look for in your accountability partner?

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