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Episode 100: Once In A While I'll Have A Blueberry (Feat. Michael Lee, Anna May Smith, & Cody Lindenberger)
Episode 1008th July 2021 • Audio Obscura • Audio Obscura
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Guys, gals, and non-binary pals, we've done it. With an incredible amount of support from you, the listener, we've reached 100 episodes of Audio Obscura. We're well and truly proud of this accomplishment and we've put together one heck of an episode for you this week. Anna May Smith and Michael Lee return and join Foster and David in the guessy chair as Cody Lindenberger takes his first turn in the obscurist throne. And he's cooked up a doozy for youzy. And he's finally put the rules of the bell Even Germane thinks so. Hot or cold has become a lifeline! Guessys can now use their hot or cold guess anytime in the mystery up until clip 6. Holy actor mix-up, Michael! Anna's ego gets a boost, check out her CV for details. David has something to say about kids. Cody tries to dupe us. Foster uses his age to his advantage. Enjoy. #HiyaHal


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