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Running Away From the Past versus Running Towards the Future
Episode 921st June 2021 • Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck • ES-STRATEGIC, LLC
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Energy plays a big part in your ability to land a job. What you say is one thing, but how you present yourself and the energy you bring can be the difference between landing and not landing. It starts with your thoughts and the exact words you say to yourself.

"If you're going into a job search or a pivot or a promotion with that energy of disappointment, dread, and discomfort it can be felt by the person you're talking to. Instead, if you focus on what you're running toward, you tap into higher levels of critical thinking."

On this episode you'll discover the difference between running towards your goals and running away from where you currently are. In addition, I'll explain the physics behind positive energy and how that will make a huge impact in your career.

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