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2023 - Best of the Year: TV Dramas
14th March 2024 • Movie of the Year •
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Our 2023 Best TV Drama bracket is here to pick the best dramatic moments of 2023!

Drama, aren't we meant to save it for our mamas? But this bracket of brave shows asks the question, "Is that a real question?" No, no it isn't. TV drama is for when you want to put on something that isn't comedy, but you are afraid of movies because they are too much like books. These TV dramas are here to let us know that not all drama has to be smart, well-written, original, entertaining, bracket-worthy, or good, really, like at all.

The state of TV dramas is pretty bad right now, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few epic stand outs. And you can't say epic stand out without immediately thinking of Blue Eye Samurai. This show is so profoundly beautiful in one moment, and then it is devastating and disgusting in the next. Another great show is Succession, which went out on top, still serving us our delicious boar on the floor. However, that show is gone forever now.

But can it win in its last year of life? Let's see, won't us?, as we take a stroll through the TV dramas of the year 2023.

They made 'em; you watched 'em; we'll rank 'em.





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