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Nate Bagley – Be an action taker, not an insight chaser
20th March 2019 • Speaking of Partnership: Personal Stories of the Power and Payoffs of Partnership • Ken Bechtel
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Nate is a relationship researcher, creator of The Loveumentary Podcast, and the Legendary Love Challenge. His mission in life is to rid the world of mediocre love.

Guiding Principle, Quote, or Mantra

We do hard things.

It’s the little things done often that make the difference.

When You “Tripped up” in Partnership

Nate shared a story that was quite recent. Being a relationship expert, he gets messages from women all the time asking different questions. This particular woman was asking for some advice and she said that her husband was being resentful of Nate and saying that he’ll never be Nate Bagley.

Find out what happened next by listening to the episode.

That “Duh” Moment in Partnership

Nate did an interview with a couple a while back and they’ve become great friends. Nate wanted to find out what made their relationship so great. Before the interview they insisted on having Nate over for dinner. As they prepared the meal and got everything ready, Nate observed and wondered about the way they interacted. He felt they were a little over the top.

Find out what was going on by listening to the episode.

Your Proudest Moment in Partnership

It’s always the little things for Nate, like when he’s feeling resentful and stressed, but turns things around and expresses gratitude instead. His mood shifts and then does something nice, like writing a love note to his wife on the bathroom mirror. It makes a difference to her and how he feels towards her.

Best Relationship Advice You’ve Ever Received

Be an action taker, not an insight chaser.

Best Partnership Resource

Passionate Marriage - David Schnarch

The New Rules of Marriage - Terrence Real

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