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Pod 252: Joe Jameson Blasts Off!
Episode 25210th April 2023 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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How do you follow in the footsteps of Thunderbirds legends like David Graham and Matt Zimmerman? Joe Jameson plays characters like Alan and Gordon Tracy without resorting to impressions. Instead, he brings a fresh take that also remains true to the original characters, under the watchful direction of Samuel Clemens. Learn all about what makes Thunderbirds 3 and 4 go in this episode and don't miss out on our brand new Thunderbirds audio adventures!

01:07 Only the Beginning of the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

05:00 FAB Facts Finale

12:46 Listener Composed Emails

22:03 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

25:13 Posts from the Podcast Facebook Group (Podsterons)

32:00 Joe Jameson - Part Two

49:34 Comments and tweets are GO!

53:50 Christopher Randomeister Dale Presents

1:16:27 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Joe Jameson on Twitter

Thunderbirds on Audio in a Bundle

Ten Months of Terrahawks

Gerry Anderson Day

Joe 90 Soundtrack

Livestream on April 21st

Farewell Friday

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