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Hand-Writing Supports with Dyslexia Guru, Michelle Morgan
Episode 1389th May 2023 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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Today we welcome Michelle Morgan, SLP and dyslexia guru, to the podcast! Michelle is walking us through a hand-writing program she designed, giving us lots of tips and information on how hand-writing supports the process of learning to read. Michelle was our guest in Season2, Episode 77 and you all loved it! I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode!


Meet my guest:

Michelle Morgan is a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in dyslexia. Her youngest daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in 2013, which motivated her to learn more about the disorder and help other families who are going through similar experiences. Michelle believes that dyslexia is misunderstood and underidentified, and aims to provide support, education, and advocacy to families.