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Episode 51 - Disney's Aladdin
Episode 1427th February 2024 • Games We Grew Up With • Games We Grew Up With
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Everyone remembers the lyrics to that famous song... "I come from a land down under, where rubies do gleam and lamps thunder..." -- that's the one, right? Well it should be, because the Cave of Wonder definitely qualifies.

We're going far, far into the future (look it up!) and to the land of Agrabah, to join everyone's favorite street rat and everyone's even-more-favorite monkey companion... DISNEY'S ALADDIN (and Abu!), to defeat Jafar, and have very little interaction at all with Genie, which is a crying shame. Darn you, Disney, and your pissing off of Robin Williams by breaking your word to him!

If ever there was a game that would do well with this crew, it's one with difficult platforming, stress-creating levels without save points, poor texture graphics, and significant differences depending on where you played the game. And this one's got it all!

What did they forget while playing? Why, the number one rule in Agrabah, of course..

Gotta keep

One jump ahead of the breadline

One swing ahead of the sword

Only steal what you can't afford (that's everything!)

Did they make it? Did they save the princess? Did they save Agrabah? Was Jafar defeated?

THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO KNOW! Hop on for this magic carpet ride, and give it a listen!





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