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Truth Embodiment + Leading with Integrity | Ella Tsang
Episode 13617th March 2021 • The Sovereign Society • Sabrina Riccio
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Leading with integrity is the only way to be of service. As we continue to embark on the journey of anchoring the Aquarian Age, now, more than ever is it important for Truth, compassion, and sovereignty to reign supreme. And while committing to the deeper work is nonnegotiable, you are able to move the masses with your medicine when you give yourself permission to answer the call and deepen your spiritual self from within.

Truth Embodiment Guide Ella Tsang is out in the world, helping people activate and embody their TRUTH through the modalities of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and Kundalini Yoga to show up and serve on a deep subconscious level.

In this episode, we talked about...

◆ The importance of integrity and embodying Truth

◆ Transcending the voice of the ego by honoring your soul's mission

◆ Knowing you and the importance of moving the masses with your medicine

◆ What it means to share genuine content that inspires and activates

◆ NLP and how to heal your subconscious mind with integrity

◆ The importance of doing the deep work and evolving your identity

◆ The power of psychedelics and deepening your spiritual self from within


Meet Ella Tsang, a Truth Embodiment Guide, Master NLP Practitioner, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, & collector of way-too-many-to-count crystals & oracle card decks. Her purpose in this lifetime is to activate TRUTH in people (including herself!), helping people remember the Truth of who they are, what they came here to do, what they are capable of & the life that they're meant to live.

She guides conscious leaders & wayshowers in experiencing, embodying & expressing their Truth, so that they can alchemize their mind's limits & cosmic purpose into a True life & brand that creates a ripple effect of awakening in the world.

Ella's work is anchored in her Truth Alchemy Method, which infuses the potent modalities of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kundalini Yoga & Energetic Alchemy to ignite lasting changes in her clients at the subconscious, embodied & energetic levels. She is extremely passionate about blending the practicality of neuroscience & Quantum Physics with the profound wisdom of ancient spiritual wisdom in supporting others on their path of consciousness expansion.

When Ella is not excitedly serving your soulmate clients & audience with potent content, you'll find her lost in bliss in a Kundalini kriya or happily cuddling her fluffy cat, Bella.




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