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HTW-Ep 126 Cartridge Comparison and Selection
Episode 12625th August 2022 • Hunt the World • Rolling Bones Outfitters
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Brian and Brad get into ballistics in this episode of Hunt the World. Specifically they are discussing the right cartridge for the right situation and let you know what their favored cartridges are. After spending hundreds or hours in the field each year RBO has done the research to help you understand what’s behind the proper cartridge selection. We look for the right bullet and bullet performance, the right cartridge and shootability. After all, you won’t use the same bullet in Africa that you use to hunt Dall sheep in Alaska. Let RBO be your resource.

Our featured hunt today is the Kyrgyzstan mid-Asian Ibex hunt. Check it out here

And, we’d like to know what you shoot. What is your favorite cartridge and why? Let us know at