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Gale Filter, Making "Good Trouble"; Using Powerful Photography to Humanize The Homeless
Episode 115th October 2021 • The Narrativ • Geoff Galat
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“There is no vaccine for homelessness”

Gale is a street photographer and photojournalist that I met a couple of months ago in a very random way. Gale is telling the story, visually, of homeless men and women living on the streets of Sacramento.

We had a brief conversation that morning after we randomly met at a coffee shop, and from that I learned a little about Gale, his work, his background, and his activism & advocacy. In this episode, we’ll learn much more.

Gale began his photographic storytelling after retiring from a career as an environmental prosecutor and he also served the State of California as an appointed government official.

He is a graduate of the University of San Diego School of Law .  

For Gale, photography is a powerful means to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and a catalyst for altering public perception by evidencing social and environmental conditions. 

 We have a wide-ranging discussion about the environment, economy, Covid-19 and about how homelessness is a result of all of these, and other, factors.

 I think you’ll find Gale as fascinating as I do.