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Connecting Spirituality and Chakra Wisdom to Children with Carly Mentlik
Episode 13626th December 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda talk with licensed holistic psychotherapist and children’s development expert Carly Mentlik about many spiritual topics and how we can provide the lessons to our children.

We discuss her guide to the Chakras for children

Kid-friendly introduction to Oracle cards 

Supporting kids spiritual journal and bringing emotional intelligence at a young age

Prompts for parents to speak to kids about different spiritual topics 

Exercises on how to help children connect to their intuition and find their inner spirit 

Ways to incorporate children into their parent’s own Spiritual journey 

Tips on using mindfulness, creativity, and manifestation to support emotional and energetic balances 

Rituals & practices to prevent inevitable emotional landslides & keep your kid happy, centered & aligned during rough transitions   

Yoga philosophy for kids

Carly Mentlik, (MA, LPCC) is a licensed holistic psychotherapist, children’s development expert, and intuitive guide for spiritual parents and entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of the  Inner Rainbow Project, a hub for children’s mental health and wellbeing that uses an innovative fusion of education and psychology along with chakras and yoga to introduce spirituality to kids.  Carly has a Bachelors in special education, Masters in counseling and has completed PhD work in feminist developmental psychology at New York University; and over the past (nearly) two decades, she has been blessed to work with children from all ages and across all kinds of learning needs, personalities and cultures.  As the creator of the curriculum Camp Chakra Kids Carly has already provided a spiritual toolkit to over 1000 kids and  envisions a world where every child grows up feeling connected to their inner spirit.  She is certified in yoga and Reiki and her newest project, the kids-centric podcast, Chakra Talk, is out now.  

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