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Going for It- with Scott Parker, Serial Small Business Entrepreneur
Episode 320th July 2020 • The NoVA Business Podcast • Jessica Du Bois & Derek Winn
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Scott Parker is a serial Restaurateur, and has been credited with putting “the ‘life’ into Arlington night life’ – however he continues to grow his empire into other businesses tailored to the needs and wants of urbanites and young professionals.

His portfolio includes over a dozen brick and mortar businesses – including great restaurants and bars like Bronson Bierhall, Don Tito, Barley Mac, and Don Taco –  but other business lines including the Bearded Goat Barber, Playful Pack Dog Daycare & Boarding, and Bash Boxing. 

In this podcast, we cover how it all happened, with a look at the current state, and the road ahead.

  • The journey, drive, and sacrifice in order to transition from employee to entrepreneur
  • Weighing experience vs habits, traits and attitude when hiring for a team environment
  • How his initial struggle with getting started has helped him to serve as a mentor to others who want to follow a similar path
  • Deconstructing the fear factor to understand what “fear” means to them
  • Building a better brick and mortar business around a pre-established brand, business or person
  • The value of a strong team culture to build a strong brand
  • How COVID-19 has 2020 is all about survival – as well as the luck behind how brands are expanding or failing
  • The why behind Scott’s fitness routine, and how it has helped some to become top performers

Links discussed in Episode:

Tools of Titans, by Tim Ferriss 

Get in touch with Scott Parker:

Instagram with @ScottParker