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339 Confusion on the Path, The Dangers of Meditation • Leo Lok
Episode 33916th January 2024 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Meditation is seen as an ancient panacea to modern problems. Mindfulness and equanimity will help with your productivity at work, relationships at home, reduce your need for certain medication and in general make you a better version of yourself.

But the inward turned gaze often enough does not reveal a tranquil garden, but a junkyard. The promise of stillness and equanimity evaporates in the onslaught of our unruly human minds.

In this conversation with Leo Lok, we investigate how mediation can be a source of greater suffering  and contribute to mental illness.

Listen into this discussion of meditation as repetitive stress injury, misconceptions about self/not-self, and how some core tenants have changed their meanings in the translation from the original Poli.