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The Power of a #StrongAssMindset - Tabitha Cavanagh - VP Talent Strategy Sales, Something New
Episode 17th May 2020 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Brief summary of show:

Tabitha Cavanagh is a talent strategy recruiter that facilitates unlikely connections so that leaders get their time back. We talk about how your mindset of genuinely being there for others will cause others to connect and listen to you. She shares how her story of adversity has shaped her and the perspective its given her when she interacts with people. She believes in people over everything and it shines through in this episode.

Key Takeaways by Time! (FFWD if you need, it's cool and busy humans do it)

  • The approach of viewing interactions through the lens of coming "Full Circle" (5:09)
  • Being excited for challenges by knowing something good is on the other side of it (12:36)
  • Changing your message to fit the current environment you're in. (22:16)

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