How to stop overthinking as a musician.
Episode 326th April 2024 • The Fearless Artist Podcast • Michelle Lynne, Deanna Petre
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Welcome to the third episode of The Fearless Artist podcast, hosted by Michelle Lynne, co-founder of The Fearless Artist—a coaching company dedicated to helping professional musicians build successful freelance careers. In this episode, Michelle addresses a common challenge among creatives: overthinking. She shares her personal struggles with launching the podcast and how overcoming limiting beliefs and persistent doubts is crucial.

Michelle emphasizes the importance of taking action despite imperfections and the fear of not meeting high standards. She recounts her experiences and those of her business partner, Dianna Petre, in building their careers without formal business education, learning everything hands-on, and now teaching others through their global coaching practice.

This episode also offers practical advice for musicians on leveraging social media for visibility, embracing one’s unique gifts, and the necessity of creating momentum by doing simple, actionable steps towards one’s goals. Michelle encourages her listeners to participate actively by sharing their progress and challenges, aiming to foster a supportive and engaged community among musicians.

Overall, Michelle's message is clear: be fearless in pursuit of your artistic career, use the resources available to learn and grow, and don't let overthinking hinder your progress.


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