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TikTok's End to the Infinite Scroll & Supporting the 2LGBTQ2S+ Community in Tech | TF306
Episode 30614th June 2022 • The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B • AmberMac Media
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Tech friend and expert, Marc Saltzman, joins us with the latest scoop on high-tech gifts for Dads and Grads. Plus, QueerTech is a Canadian non-profit that empowers the 2LGBTQ2S+ community to access the tech industry, advance their career, and launch tech businesses. CEO, Naoufel Testaouni, discusses their approach. Also, online hate is a growing problem and the Toxic Hush campaign is working hard to make sure that everyone is safe online. We have Shari Graydon to explain how. In Socially Speaking, we wonder if TikTok is the new TV.

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