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ST#6 – Contractor Management: Beyond the Database with Nicole Coughlin
10th December 2019 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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In this episode, Nicole Coughlin walks through best practices related to contactor prequalification and management. While prequalification is an important step the contractor management process, it is a sliver of the hard work required to effectively manage outsourced work. In this session Nicole illustrates a wide-range of subject matter, in both the prequalification and active phases of the contract. We review case studies that demonstrate current systems and methods, the elements of contractor qualification, master service agreements, insurance requirements, safety improvement plans, auditing, training and, safety rules.


About Nicole Coughlin holds a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from Hawaii Pacific University and Masters in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Energy Management from University of Phoenix (MBA). She is a Certified Safety Professional and member of the American Society of Safety Professionals. Nicole’s work experience includes health, safety and hygiene program development and administration in the energy generation and oil & gas sectors in addition to recent experience in the insurance and risk management side of the business.


Listeners will find this session full of valuable guidance and best practices in the most critical and highest value areas of contractor management.




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