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Episode 53 | Summoning The Sacred with Pasha Hogan
Episode 538th March 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Summoning The Sacred

Our guest on the podcast this week is Pasha Hogan. Pasha is the founder and teacher of the joy of Creative Discovery, which is also the title of her latest book, she is also the author of Third Time Lucky: a Creative Recovery.

She trained in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy & Counseling at the Tivoli Institute in Dublin, Ireland, and Arts & Empowerment Facilitation at Crawford College of Art & Design. Drawing on and building from her experience as a psychotherapist, coach, yoga/meditation teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, and three-time cancer survivor, Pasha supports and guides people through life transitions and challenges. She is a passionate believer in the integration of body, mind, and spirit for living a joyful and balanced life. Pasha works with individuals and treatment facilities, including staff support, specializing in trauma, addiction, living beyond a cancer diagnosis, and grief and loss.

Today she shares her deeply sacred perspective on life, which emerged after beating cancer three times when she truly began to question everything. As a consequence, Pasha has chosen to work in some challenging areas with individuals who really need help through trauma. Listen in as we discuss so many different aspects of what it means to be human and simply navigate the trauma of ordinary life, from the stories we tell ourselves to emotions and the body. How Pasha felt called to be the brightest light she could be, and her choice to be a compassionate witness for those who find themselves suffering.

Key Takeaways

  • Overcoming cancer three times and how this experience changed her entire life path
  • The psychospiritual approach to living with practices to reclaim your purpose and passion
  • The connections between mind, body, and spirit
  • The journey from Creative Recovery to Creative Discovery

Memorable Quote

“The path of life is a painful process of learning how to love ourselves” - Pasha Hogan

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