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The Power of Meditation
Episode 81st March 2024 • The Unlimited You • Victor Almeida
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Uncover the transformative power of meditation with artist and teacher Krishna Chandra Das, Palehorse, on The Unlimited You. Delve into the sacred art, esoteric wisdom, and the profound impact of storytelling in our lives. Join us as we explore the spiritual journey of creating and the divine inspiration behind Palehorse's work. Tune in to this enlightening conversation and discover how meditation and art intertwine to shape our understanding and response to life's challenges. Don't miss this episode – it's a true eye-opener!


Pale Horse: [:

And so that seems to be the key to everything. So if we can learn to do it in the peaceful, quiet meditation, then we can apply it even to. Say somebody that is criticizing us or being rude to us, or somebody cuts you off in traffic, you have that space to practice calmness in the peace. Can I have calmness when it's not peaceful?

hat. And we learned that's a [:

And that is, I feel like that's what, you know, we see the example of a Jedi. In the midst of anything, they're always calm. They lose that center, that balance, then they're prone to fear.

Master Victor: That's where the dark side. Yeah, absolutely. That's a good point. And that's kind of like the cornerstone of self defense in my perspective, where if you don't have that internal peace and there's chaos coming at you, you're going to escalate a situation.


Master Victor: And welcome everybody to another episode of The Unlimited You. Today we have Pale Horse here. And we're going to talk about meditation, the power of meditation that it has in your life, in martial arts, and, you know, that transcends and touches everybody else around us. First let's start with, you know, introducing Pale Horse.

ittle bit about yourself and [:

Pale Horse: Yeah. So, thanks for having me. I'm happy to be here and to share. I've been making artwork professionally for over 20 years now. And for most of my career, I've been a. commercial illustrator, creating artwork for brands and entertainment companies and bands and skateboard brands and, you know, action sports and things like that.

And. In:

And. Continuing to [:

And. A lot of action sports companies as well. T shirts. I was doing a lot of apparel design for a lot of brands as well. And then I also made my own shirts. Yeah. So I have apparel that I make for my own brand now called Seekers of the Eternal, which is also what I call the meditation group and the podcasts that I host now.

used around deities. We love [:

Spirit or that presence is there with you guiding you flowing through you as you're creating the work and it allows us to do things that we didn't think we were capable of. Absolutely. Yeah. And being able to take on projects that. Are bigger than or things that we haven't quite mastered yet, but being able to connect with it.

really love that because we [:

Really strongly on the work that we're doing as well as the paintings that we do for gallery shows is we're aiming at now with the paintings and the artwork is that if is it's the energy that we have while we're putting down the paint, while the paint is going on to the piece, it's about the consciousness that we have while that's happening in the connection to spirit that we have.

that we do as a, it's a lot [:

So we try to. Yeah. Paint things that are really clean and detailed and really solid that way. So, yeah that's what we're doing now. And also, you know, we can get into other aspects of the project that I'm working on now is around the monkey deity, Hanuman. So I became obsessed with Hanuman.

It's been a growing obsession that started about 20 years ago. When I first saw the monkey deity in Thailand, and that was the first time that I'd ever seen sacred art in person, really even thought about things like that, I was a atheist metalhead skateboarder, you know?

Master Victor: And you saw this artwork at a

Pale Horse: temple, right?

ger Thai name, but the Grand [:

And it's a story of a ten headed demon king and a monkey and bear army that rescues a princess. And the monkey has super powers. And so when I went there, I was not interested in spiritual things. I was just sightseeing. I had a friend that would, that was going there. And when I saw that, it just cracked something open.

hai art when I was there and [:

And then when I came back, I. I started drawing those images and wanting to pursue that more. But I wasn't, I didn't know anything really about the spiritual aspect of it, the meditation side of it. And it just planted seeds in me that, that grew and grew over time. And now it's, I feel like I'm finally ready to take on a big project around Hanuman right now.


Master Victor: It's a initial style and depiction of it kind of drew you in. And then later the depth of the, got

Pale Horse: you. Yeah, the aesthetics, you know, and that's what I'm, I feel like my, maybe my artwork, the thing that I'm doing with it is one, I want to, the theme really is around the power of storytelling and how powerful that can be for our lives to see.

epic of the monkey deity is. [:

I'm being able to use that as a guidepost, like an esoteric story. I think maybe like, this idea of like esoteric, I heard somebody say that one way to think about esoteric, you could think of Karate Kid, which is an interesting way, you know, like with Karate Kid when he's with Mr, you know, Mr. Miyagi, he just, he's going there to learn martial arts, but then he's just painting the fence and waxing the car.

punch him and then he knows [:

And then all of a sudden something's happens to you in your life. And then it triggers a memory. Of something you read in that book of how to properly respond in the moment. And I feel like that is really something the power of storytelling can do. And so I want to, with my artwork is to help turn people on to also metaphor.

So this idea of that, you can, you know, a lot of people at first maybe were like metaphorically. Impaired, you know, you don't see that there's even a way to take the story and use it in your life. Yeah.

through stories where if you [:

You get to put yourself in their shoes. And learn through the story. And I feel like that's where those metaphors and that storytelling can really benefit us in. In attaining wisdom that we haven't lived through and essentially, yeah.

Pale Horse: Yeah. Yeah. So, and I love that way of that. I like, I love learning like that.

And I love stories and novels and movies, epic things like that. And so for me being able to use artwork to help bring people into this spiritual understanding in the same way that it worked on me, who was, had zero interest in these things. Yeah. But it was the aesthetics, it was like this really juicy, amazing story.

wn the hangups that you have [:

Like if you think about what is religion really, it's artwork, epic stories, it's music, it's fashion. , you know, so like all of the things that make up our high forms of art, really poetry and the same thing is really what religion is. And then if that artwork is being made by a fully awakened being, then it lasts through thousands of years.

It never dies. It keeps getting told over

ainting, you're putting that [:


Pale Horse: beautiful. Yeah, that's the idea with it. And then for my brother and I as we're making the work It's a way to I heard my friend Chris Dyer's an artist. He said I make artwork to cooperate with my own soul's awakening with my soul's awakening and I didn't have the way to put that into words and I really liked the way that he said that it was like we're cooperating with our soul's awakening.

anted to get, you know, this [:

That's happening. And now it's moving into that. Kind of way of making work. It's like

Master Victor: a reflection or even expression That creation of the artwork. Yeah, that's really interesting. That's kind of like how What got pointed you in the direction of meditation was? Hanuman in Thailand that's amazing.

And then like from there what kind of got you to look into meditation further like what led you to Essentially Kriya Yoga and Ananda

nk you go back to the I, you [:

I don't listen to it now. I don't know where he's at now, but he was such a gateway to so many things. I remember I was tuned in live to the JRE podcast episode number one before it was like they even knew what they were doing, you know? And he was just talking about ancient civilizations and Sasquatch and anomalies and all this kind of stuff and strange scientific fringe science.

And I loved that sort of thing. And then he started talking and I was straight edge. As well, like I grew up straight edge was in like straight edge punk bands, hardcore bands, things like that was, you know, not drinking or doing drugs and things like that. But I started hearing him talk about the benefits of psychedelic medicine as a way to improve your life.

nny. It's like. As soon as I [:

Meditation is and I started seeing just. I don't know where it was coming from, but just visions of images of Ganesha, or these deities. I don't even know who they were at the time, but I was just seeing those in visions. Yeah, and then becoming interested in reading scriptures from there. Yeah. It wasn't until Mushrooms that I actually read the Ramayana, you know.

at and the Bhagavad Gita and [:

Okay. Yeah. It's the Tibetan book of the dead is beautiful, especially for psychonauts because it's the Bardo States, which. You can really correlate to a psychedelic journey. The bardo, the phases of the after death state is what the Tibetan Book of the Dead is. Okay. So, you find yourself in the after death, moment after death.

And everybody goes through these bardos, these phases of their after death state. And you compare those, actually Ram Dass and Timothy Leary, it was Richard Alpert before he was Ram Dass, him and Timothy Leary wrote a book called The Psychedelic Experience, which is a trip guide. That was based on the Tibetan book of the dead.

kay Yeah, so I started using [:

Master Victor: I know a lot of people are very uncomfortable.

I have a lot of friends who they'll hear that word and they're like, yeah, because of what religion has done to. The word and the meaning to it to a lot of people is very traumatizing. Yeah

Pale Horse: Yeah, so at first I was looking for people who are doing meditate, you know mindfulness meditations or people that would do things that Didn't include God in it and then after a while it just became silly not to yeah include that

Master Victor: And you know the way that I feel like we look at it God to us is The universe everything that exists, right?

that is everything from this [:

bration, when we surrendered [:


Pale Horse: God. Yeah. And the psychedelic experience can give us glimpses of that. And so that was, it was like, okay, yeah, you hear these things like we're all one and you can hear that and not know what it means, like, oh, that sounds nice. But then when you actually experience that, you feel yourself as the infinite universe.

er time. I remember it was in:

, like, you know, New Year's [:

Master Victor: For me, that was last year. Probably a little bit after this time, I mean, maybe like April, March, April.

Yeah. After we had started doing meditation with you, we took the Ananda Village course, me and Caroline, and we just started to see this very slow but very powerful change in our lives. And we want, we started feeling that pull, I want to meditate more and longer and start really applying it into our lives.

And it's been I never want to go back.

a taste of it and then it's [:

And then having, all right, this is what I'm doing. This is what I'm aiming at. It's very clear. It's not so nebulous anymore. And and for a long time, obviously for many people you dabble in things for a long time. And so I always hope that like, maybe I can help people. Get there a little faster than I did, you know, as like, all right, I've tried all of these things that this is the one that I really like, and then maybe it'll resonate with you.

And then this is a group that is like, they're pure and just in it for helping you to realize your own true potential. And so to be able to turn people on, that's like. It's yeah, it's music to my ears. I love that. So yeah, I'm super stoked that, you know, that it's caught fire for you.


st experience meditating was [:

that, I guess, all of these [:

They maybe targeted one. And, when we meditated on your Wednesday class it felt like the surrender allowed The divine energy to then lead me forward where I took a step. And I think you mentioned this yesterday and you take 25 percent your group takes 25 percent and then the divine energy pulls you the rest of the way.

And I truly felt that first time we meditated with you. Yeah. And it gave me that, that sense of like, this is, this feels like the right way to do it. And. I know that it's going to take me further than the ways I've done it in the past. Yeah.

istening to Kriya Yoga is an [:

Technique for becoming a energy master, mastering the life force energy. And as you, if you, as you become a master of Kriya Yoga, the great masters of Kriya, actually we learn, you know, this is what we're practicing to get to a state where you can move, you can put your body into a what's known as a state of suspended animation.

Where. You no longer the energy is going out to your limbs. You're, the cosmic energy is coming in through the medulla, and then you just send it straight here. You put all of your consciousness there. And after, you know, after you finish your Kriya Yoga practice, and you're just super focused right here, also Hong Sa, which we practice on Wednesdays, is this a way to practice for your own death.

're, you die every day. Like [:

They can stop their hearts from pumping blood and you experience the same experience that you would in an after death state. So you get very comfortable with that. So then when you do find yourself fully leaving the body, you've just been doing it every night. So I

Master Victor: think you make a shirt that actually says that it's a practice dying and that practice gets you ready.

So when it comes, you're not freaked out. You're not scared. You know exactly what to do that surrender that calmness you've instilled the bliss But then you're ready for it, and I feel like that It becomes beautiful and not scary.

Pale Horse: Right? Yeah Yes, [:

So we become afraid Of leaving the known physical world and moving into that unknown spiritual realm where anything is possible and we can put on the brakes. It also has this metaphor of say a bird that's been in a cage for years. And if you'd open the, you open the door to that cage, the bird's not going to fly out.

raid to break free from that.[:

And they say that the bird, maybe it'll get, maybe it'll get some courage after a while, seeing the doors open fly out and then it'll get freaked out and come back in. That's like that idea when we get like a moment of. Of that focused meditation, and then we're like, Oh, wow, and then we fly back in, you know, we don't stay there.

And then maybe you fly out again, and then you realize, Oh, it's okay out here. So I stay out a little longer, come in. And then eventually you just leave the cage and you're free for good. You don't need to, you don't need to come back to your prison. Absolutely.

Master Victor: The way I see that, it's kind of like the prison.

divine beings with unlimited [:

I have, I'm limitless. My, my body is not who I am. I am the everything. Right? And once we realize that the, our potential becomes unlocked, the physical, mental, every, everything. And I felt that very recently and it felt beautiful. And And just like that bird, I got a glimpse of it and it was very hard to hold.

we do it, the better we get [:

The goal where, you know, some people think that, you know, you're just meditating, whatever you do that's a kind of meditation. I feel like, you know, like I can meditate while I'm blowing glass or doing martial arts, but I feel like very intentional meditation when you sit still, everything, still the mind, relax the body and concentrate everything, razor, laser, sharp, that.

d you, and it starts pulling [:

That surrender.

Pale Horse: Interesting. Yeah, that's it. And when we practice in meditation, then we learn how to apply that to whatever it is that we're doing. That's what I love about it is practicing focus in meditation and then Applying that same focus to painting or anything physical that we're doing, the more that we can put our attention 100 percent onto what we're doing, the better it's going to be.

we can apply it even to. Say [:

Kind of have calmness when somebody is yelling at me or somebody is saying something to me that's not true or, you know, things like that. And we learned that's a superpower that you can have that most people on the planet don't have that ability to just be able to be calm and centered.

And that is, I feel like that's what, you know, we see the example of a Jedi. In the midst of anything, they're always calm. They lose that center, that balance, then they're prone to fear.

my perspective, where if you [:

Some things gonna get reflected back and then you identify with their feelings and then it just elevates the situation where if we can Like you're always saying in the meditation Stay calm even in the midst of breaking worlds during the most chaotic moments to remain calm It's beyond hard to do, but that practice, it allows you to handle any situation better and more purely rather than being compromised by the emotions you're.

It's more pure.

s like, as soon as you think [:

And then also when life challenges come and something really tricky hits you. I like to even now it's be like, Oh, I'm. I, when I'm in my center and things like this happen, it's like, you know, we talk about, about like the universe as our mother, it's only giving you things that are good for you, even if it doesn't look like it's good for you.

And she only gives you things that she's trust you with. Like you can handle this son, I'm going to give you this thing that's really hard. But it's gonna actually be in your benefit. And so I like to have a practice too of like Thank you for thinking that I could handle that, you know when it's really tough Yeah, and then stepping up to the challenge of it and then that way everything in life becomes like a game We know that we have what it takes.

ere's it's we it's not up to [:

And so. Life will just actually keep throwing you harder and harder challenges, like a video game. And they're just like, alright, this is what I signed up for. And it just, rather than being like, this shouldn't be happening, this shouldn't be happening. And then, you know, just letting it spiral and turn into something negative.

It's the one that defeats you. Yeah.

hours. [:

And, you know, I was looking at it like, you know, this is like a movie right now. This is hilarious. It sucks, but this is hilarious. You got canopies flying over here. Everyone's walking in like three feet of water. It was madness, but it was, it made the situation beautiful to remove myself and say, this is only temporary.

e surrender and knowing that [:

And the freaking out is that, that, that fear, the ego. We're afraid of something that isn't even here yet. That may not even happen. But in this moment, if we're calm, we can have

Pale Horse: fun. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, what is right in front of you in the moment? Do your best. Stay even minded and cheerful. Then it's, you're fun to be around.

ing, if something goes wrong.[:

It's like, Oh, we don't look at it as wrong. It's like something better is looking to happen here, or this is happening for a good reason that I don't know quite yet. And you just don't even get down about it or upset about it. And obviously bigger and bigger things hit you and you know, you don't always get it right.

But if you start with that. And you have other, an environment of other friends that also like looking at life like, yeah, it's so much easier when you're around. And that's why I think like community is so important. Getting around an environment of others that also like to share this way of living and enjoying life.

ovies or whatever, or like a [:

And it's like, that's what life is. And that's what we, you know, if you had a movie that didn't have any of those things. It would be super boring, and you wouldn't ever watch movies. Yeah. Apparently that's what humans like, is change, and I think it also applies to where we're headed in this world that we're in right now.

it starts raining, you can, [:

The apocalypse, you know, it could be training for whatever comes, you know Like when you say like you should be preparing for whatever happens. I don't think it means making a bunker Necessarily maybe I mean, it's good to be prepared for whatever have food or things like that If the case you need it, but I'm preparing your mind Yes, so that you can draw to yourself what you need when you need it so you can stay calm no matter what happens and Then in making a symbiotic relationship in the times now, making a symbiotic relationship with the universe around you, trusting that it's here to always what's happening is here to help you become the best version of yourself.

Absolutely. I think that's the best prepping that we can do for whatever comes, you know? Yeah.

can't get rid of like we, we [:

There's these new scientific research that I've been looking into where. Meditation has been proved to rewrite the pathways in your brain where it literally will reroute how you're thinking in that one microsecond, maybe minute, two minutes, 20 minutes that you get where you still the brain and you're not thinking about anything else.

e, how you're thinking about [:

It sounds ridiculous because you're just sitting here and concentrating and relaxing, but you know, our brains are trained to just doing all that, that's what they're good at. But when we still it, you train it to become still and when it's still, it reflects a lot easier. You can, it's like looking at a glass lake where you can, everything becomes easier to see decision making, you become less impacted by strength of emotion, overpowering emotion, or you can look at it like you're seeing that, that space in between where you feel something and you react, you're able to see it and say, Oh.

athe and let this moment be, [:

That fear, maybe you turn around, you run into a wall and you can knock yourself out and there's so many different situations in life where calmness benefits you no matter what you're doing, whether it's cooking, cleaning, martial arts, painting, dancing, music. I had a very powerful experience Saturday night.

I spent fire and just I was feeling very overwhelmed at the moment and one of my friends came up to me and he was like, Hey, do you know any breath work that we can do to like really clear ourselves out? And we sat down and we did the skull shining breath and just a really powerful clearing breath.

tated and I sat there and we [:

I I almost, I decried it was so beautiful. And then I got up, I grabbed my staff and without, it was just complete relaxation. I started spinning fire and it was probably the most, the purest, rawest, also intense fire spinning I'd ever done where I've ever done. I wasn't like trying to move the staff with my muscles.

I was a little surrendered, letting the beat guide me. And it was beautiful. It was powerful and it was magical. Just surrendering.

e true genius of any sort of [:

It's in its highest form when we're not thinking about doing it, we're just doing it. And it's just coming through us. And I got obsessed with Watching Lucha Libre, Mexican wrestlers I was doing a lot of artwork around that a few, some years back. And I just became fascinated by watching these guys and learning that really they just get into these flow states, you know, you imagine it's so if you've seen a Lucha Libre, it's very acrobatic.

Yeah, there's a lot of it's a lot of it is just using the force, really. And you imagine you're wearing this mask, you just have these little holes that you barely can see out of. And you're standing on the, you know, the top of the turnbuckle and they barely, they don't even look, you know, and then double, you know, flipping back and landing on their opponent.

cinated with that superhuman [:

And I've realized a lot of them really had like a spiritual connection with what they were doing. And I love that. Yeah. For especially, yeah. If you think about in a situation where you're being confronted, if you're in it'll probably really throw off your. You know, you're attacker in Martin a in a self defense situation where.

do with where that someone's [:

Obviously. You know, that's probably not going to work on everybody, but you'll at least, you'll at least be able to, if you're calm in the moment I like to think of it like as if you were playing a, like, a strategy video game that there is a way, there is a solution to the problem. That you're being confronted with in every moment.

But if we're agitated angry We hope you know afraid we're saying this shouldn't be happening. Then we're not looking for the solution But if we're calm, I like to think that there is a solution in every single moment And so if we stay calm and then we're like we're asking for guidance what should I do at this point or I like to just chant Rama or Before I could chant Rama, I would say love.

there's always two choices, [:

It's also you and that oneness kind of an idea. You don't see yourself as like, I'm being attacked. It's like, I'm looking at another soul here and just chanting love and looking at them. And then maybe the the solution will come to mind or something to say. That will derail what's happening, or you see an opportunity just to put them in a you know, a headlock or something like that, where they just get that moment or whatever it is the best thing to do in that moment.


cage of the ego. And on the [:

ready for it so that we can [:

, you know, the rejection we feel from other people is real. When somebody we care about. Doesn't listen to us or speaks badly about us. All of those feelings, they can become very overpowering. And we're attached to these things. And that attachment leads us to feeling these negative feelings.

And if we realize, hey, maybe they're dealing with something. We don't know. But we connect with the love. And we send love their way. that, that will help them and deescalate that situation. I feel like that's kind of what you're saying.

Pale Horse: , yeah. . And you can even do that from a distance is a magical act that it makes a, it makes practical sense too, if you think about it.

nship with. Difficult period [:

And we get caught in this loop of doing that, so, of course, when we go see them. We just pick up right where our mind left off. We're giving that energy, they reflect it back at us. Self fulfilling prophecy. Oh, they are just like I thought they were. But, as a magical act, what you can do, and this is really hard, really simple, but it's really hard to put into practice.

all of their good qualities. [:

Oh, they're stylish. They have, you know, if it's really hard, like, they're into good music or whatever it is. They're a good parent or things like that. And you just keep thinking about the good things about them relentlessly. And then Thinking about some time they helped you. Yeah, pull up those good memories that you might have with them.

And then When you see them, it might immediately trans, you know, dissolve that and you have a better interaction, but they might come back at you and still, you know, attack you again with words or whatever, but you just take a breath and you don't respond. In the negative way again. And you do, and then you, when you leave, you're just keep thinking about their good thoughts.

And in that moment, if you [:

Yeah. Can you still stay calm? Can you still think of the good things about them? But it will work in a pretty quick amount of time if you practice

Master Victor: that. I've experienced that where. I feel like these things we hang on to, like, you know, the things people do to us that we don't like, that affect us, traumatize us.

g. We're going to push on to [:

And if we don't take responsibility to calm ourselves, to let their, whatever they're feeling, they can send it to us, but we don't have to accept it. I think it was Paga Rapanche, it was a Buddhist monk who said this. It was a story where there was Buddha was meditating and there was this, Very jealous, I don't know if he was a monk or just a person, and they started shouting at the Buddha for hours, and just throwing hate and anger and insults, and, you know, a few hours later, this person was exhausted, and they asked the Buddha, it was like, I've been insulting you, you haven't gotten angry, you haven't responded, why?

hem. Whose oranges are they? [:

You're keeping your anger. And the guy was exhausted by the end and the Buddha was just in bliss, happy. And then the guy apologized. And realize that, you know, they're doing more disservice to themselves inside of themselves by letting that anger come out. They're reinforcing that narrow pathways.

They're inflating that emotion. They're creating a stronger connection with that emotion. And it's really disservicing them. And the Buddha just didn't accept it. And If you don't accept it, it can't reach you that energy, at least, you know, maybe the physical harm might be able to, if they took it that far, but, you know, if someone calls me a shithead, I don't have to, okay, well, that's your viewpoint.

thin myself. I don't have to [:

And that becomes really hard. And in those moments that becomes critical. Allowing that emotion to flow and not letting it compromise

Pale Horse: us. And feeling like we have to defend ourselves or something like that. Like, I have to defend myself against this attack. Like, instead of the Buddha just allowing, just, you know, not receiving that.

, I love that about say like [:

Like we watch a lot of like Japanese wrestling, you know, somebody will like on say Twitter, somebody is. is critiquing the way that they did a slap or a move or something like that. And if it's like a, if it's a master that's saying that to them, they say like, sorry, sensei, I'll do better. You know, like that idea of just always saying, and that's the way to actually dissolve your ego too.

Cause that's what we're wanting to do. So if somebody is bringing us something and create a criticizing us, And you're just saying, you know what, you're right, and I'll do better next time. Then the ego just gets more and more dissolved, and we become actually more powerful as a spiritual being.

Master Victor: And it's counterintuitive, or we don't think that's actually going to happen.

Or we're like, our ego wants to fight back, and we want to look all mighty, and, but like, reacting that way is just It's not going to do you any good. It's

oving their point, you know? [:

Right. Yeah.

Master Victor: I feel like our, our meditation really helps empower these actions and dealing with those situations correctly. And like you were talking about the deities, the, their stories the energies they hold, bringing them into your meditation into certain moments can help you deal with certain situations and especially the stories and really reading and learning, taking that wisdom and then applying it to certain moments.

that into peace and calmness.[:

And it's, you can't overestimate the importance of it and How impactful it can be in every aspect of

Pale Horse: your life. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like such a powerful component, or if you think like about, I love thinking about like astronauts, the way they select an astronaut, of course, you have to have the mathematics and you, and the training and the knowledge of everything, but above and beyond that, it's those who can be.

forget all of your training [:

And so I think it's really powerful. And then we can also become a meditation like this weekend, ayahuasca ceremony. Yeah. And it's, I like ayahuasca because it's a training for becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable, which is a slogan that it's actually the, this pro wrestler Malachi Black and his wife Zelina my brother and I painted they have a Muay Thai And pro wrestling school and gym.

into your training practice.[:

And one of the slogans that. That Tom Budgen, Malakai Black had us paint was become comfortable with being uncomfortable. And an ayahuasca really can help you do that because you are purposefully drinking this brew that It tastes unlike anything you've ever had. It just tastes awful.

And you also get a sense of, you get a you get an association with the brew because it also is a, it's a cleansing medicine. So it makes you feel deathly ill, you know, it causes you to vomit. And you know, in most people, most of the times you'll vomit and maybe get diarrhea really bad, but it just, it's part of it is cleansing you out every orifice cleansing you out.

ill the morning and you keep [:

Yeah. Training. You know, you're going through something that's super, super hard and maybe painful and challenging, but that's what we came here for. Yeah. Literally, yeah. It's cool because it's hard. Yeah.

Master Victor: It feels easy.

like the Bhagavad Gita is a [:

And as you, you become more and more sincere with meditation practice. That story of the battle scene like in the Bhagavad Gita starts to become what you're doing in your life, in your meditation, you're being confronted with these inner enemies that are perhaps in someone like the Bhagavad Gita.

The idea is this, Arjuna, the great warrior, he was trained by his, you know, his teachers and his friends and his family members. They were all once his friends. And in the battle scene is when they all actually turn against him and they are fighting against Dharma. They're fighting against goodness and he's the upholder of Dharma and goodness.

n meditation where we become [:

And then as we get older, we no longer need that guardian meditation. Those things come up and then we feel like I can't kill that part of me. That's who I am. That's, I'm just, this is the way that I am. And it feels like you're killing yourself. And that's why it's that ego death idea. Yeah. You actually know it.

So, you know, Krishna says, no, you have to kill. You have to take out your bow and kill that version of yourself. And that's his dharma.

s you to do what needs to be [:

Like, you know, the people who betrayed him would have won, but you know, he, he approached it from not trying to destroy something, but trying to uphold good, uphold the righteousness. And, you know, from what I've understood of the story is that, you know, he didn't go out attacking somebody. He didn't go out trying to start a war.

He didn't even want to fight. He almost gave up. And then Krishna showed him that this was what he needed to do in order for things to be right. And it's sometimes hard to make those decisions, but when we surrender and let go of the demons we've created within ourselves, we can then do what's right.

higher selves and not being [:

Pale Horse: here.

Yeah. And we get so attached to those things, but we think that's. That's what we are. This is who I am. This is my personality. Sorry, this is just the way that I am. You know, people say that, but it's like, that's not true. It's just an excuse we tell ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. So, like, it is it's so, so powerful to be able to learn that we don't have to just be a victim of our circumstances.

That we actually can change and grow and to realize that. Also, everything that's happened to us in our life up to this point has been chiseling us into the perfect person to do a certain work in our life. So maybe tragic things that happen to us, give us the opportunity to connect with another person who's going through that.

We already went through it. [:

And yeah, it's, it makes it into so much more fun to to live life that way.

Master Victor: Absolutely. And going back to your point about, I or ayahuasca, I feel like helps you see those things, right? It's like almost like Ganesh where it removes that obstacle. It removes that thing that's in the way. Of you going in, in the right direction and it frees up that pathway of equilibrium of awareness.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's

really all it's not like, I [:

ay Ganesha is the remover of [:

I know that this obstacle is here for my benefit, and I know if I overcome it, I will become, my powers will become stronger. I won't be crushed by them. And so, it's just a way to, and it's such a colorful, fun way to experience life. I see it as just like inviting these friends to be with me all the time.

ing us wisdom, wanting us to [:

Those are all around us. Unless they say that. This world that we live in, that we're only really experiencing a small, tiny little fraction of it with our senses and what actually really is here. They call it dark matter, you know, 90. Five or whatever percent of the universe is dark matter. Yeah So all of that dark matter that we can't necessarily see or feel or you know, maybe we can feel it We can sense it.

We learn how to become sensitive to it, but those things are all there So this just gives us a way to give it a form and a personality and a name That we can talk to and relate to and really just a lot of fun. You're calling that

Master Victor: vibration to

Pale Horse: help guide you. Yeah. And that's how the guru relationship works.

nsa Yogananda. And having an [:

which is a really beautiful [:

Master Victor: Yeah, absolutely.

Master Victor: would you like to do a short meditation? ,

utes. I'll grab a timer just [:

Master Victor: So for the meditation, ideally you want to be seated with your back away from the back of the chair. If you're driving, I highly recommend pulling over and not doing this while driving.

Pale Horse: Yeah. So yeah, we're just sitting in a chair and you can totally use a chair at home. And it's really all just about getting your back in a straight line, your head parallel to the floor.

And we have our, yeah, like we said, palms are upturned at the junction of the legs and the torso. And I'll begin just with a little invocation, a short prayer here to invite spirit to be with us. And so tune in here with us. Closing the eyes, lifting the gaze to the point between the eyebrows. And just opening with an invocation.

enly Father, dearest friend, [:

Divine Mother, awaken your love in us and teach us to awaken that love in all. Um, shanti, shanti, Shanti, peace, amen. And to begin now, let us just take in a normal deep inhalation, breathing in and all the way out. And now double inhale and tense all the muscles in the body. Inhale, tensing all the muscles in a low, medium, high, vibrate with willingness and exhale.

Relax, release, feel. Again, [:

We're going to be inhaling to a count of six, holding to a count of six, and then exhaling to a count of six. So let's go ahead and take in a normal deep inhalation. Breathing in. And all the way out. And now very slowly through the nostrils. Inhale.












Last round. Inhale.



tting the breath come and go [:

And as you breathe, begin to feel the breath in the nostrils. Noticing that on the inhalation, the breath is a bit cool. And on the exhalation, slightly warm. Zooming in with all of the awareness just to feel the cool and warm sensations of the breath coming and going from the nostrils,

ore relaxed with each breath.[:

And now let us move this sensation and the feeling of the breath up from the nostrils up to the bridge of the nose. And as

breath, let us now move this [:

ve the horizon and keep your [:

And just feeling the breath coming and going from the spiritual eye.

slightly warm on the exhale,[:

keeping our gaze laser focused at this point between the eyebrows. Let us now call on the divine to come to aid us. Knowing that the divine is always here to help and always interested in helping us to become more calm, more sweet, and more happy in our life. So with our gaze uplifted to the point between the eyebrows, let us become childlike.

is to become like children. [:

eal thyself, reveal thyself, [:

a sense of relief coming over you,

crush us, but to strengthen [:

A peace that passes all understanding. It's like the peace of the night sky.

The peace of vast space in all directions. Yogananda tells us that God's body is space. And that if we want to know God, then we should feel the infinite space within the body and the infinite space all around us.

gin to feel and imagine that [:

A million miles of expanding, clear space behind you. A million miles of clear unobstructed expanding space in front of you.

A million miles of clear expanding space below you and a million miles of clear unobstructed space above you. You are floating in infinite space and you are center everywhere, circumference nowhere. Feel that infinite space all around you.

So often we bottle [:

Enjoying this expanded consciousness, keeping our gaze uplifted at the point between the eyebrows, savoring this feeling, knowing that we are in contact with our divine mother right now in this moment. Continue to send out the mantra, reveal thyself, reveal thyself right now in this moment, reveal thyself.

is pouring into its petals. [:

There is only light and space now.

an unpeaceful world. That we [:

This refuge of calmness is always with us. We learn to feel this calmness. We can feel calmness. No matter what is happening in the world around us. No matter what anyone is saying to us. So that no failure. No disappointment, no misunderstanding from others can take away this calmness from us. It is our superpower, our refuge.

unshaken amidst the crash of [:

In recognition of this calmness, we are beginning to connect with Sat Chit Ananda,

n us, we can share and bless.[:

Our loved ones and the world around us with this blissful vibration.

Begin to feel a smile spreading across your heart, a smile spreading across your throat, a smile spreading across your mouth, and a smile spreading across your brow.

And now, let us share this healing light with the world around us. Begin to imagine and feel that this light has emanated out from the heart and filled the room that you're in. The light is emanated out from the room into the house or the building that you're in. This light is emanating out from the building into the streets, into the neighborhood, into the city that you're in.

vince that you're in so that [:

And now all countries are bathed in this light. Anywhere on this planet where there are those who are suffering, where people are afraid, where people are in pain, where beings are either cold or hungry. See them being nourished by this light and see this calmness coming over them. A peace that passes all understanding.

the entire universe. Uplift [:

Joining together, joining our palms in front of us, let us join together with the Divine Mother and send this healing energy at the speed of light in all directions and repeating this prayer out loud after me. Divine mother, Divine mother, thou art omnipresence, thou art omnipresence thou art in all thy children.

Thou art in all thy children manifest Thy healing presence manifest thy healing Presence. In all bodies. In all bodies. Minds, Minds. And souls. And souls rubbing the palms together, healing this warm magnetic energy in the palms. We're gonna raise our palms and chant only together three times as we send this light out to fill the universe.

Taking in a deep breath. [:

Shanti Shanti Shanti. Peace. Amen. Joy to you, friends.

Victor: Thank you for that. [:

Pale Horse: Yeah. It's nice with meditation is it's really okay to take breaks from your life, take breaks from all of the things that you've been struggling with, thinking about projects that you've been working on, relationships, all of it.

It's so wonderful just to be able to press pause on that movie, go inward. Feel those divine qualities that are always available to us as long as we Receive them. So absolutely

Master Victor: and for everyone who enjoyed that You do an online meditation on Instagram on Tuesday at 8 p. m what's your Instagram handle?


ternal. So at seekers of the [:

r with others who like to do [:

And so I love to share that on Instagram. And then my other for my artwork at pale horse design or at pale horse is the other Instagram for the artwork and the murals and all of that. And then I also have a link. there for my Patreon account for the Hanuman project, which is going to be a, you can follow along with the artwork creation process where I'm creating 77 highly detailed illustrations of the life of Hanuman that will eventually, when the project, however long it takes to complete this, will eventually become a deck of Oracle cards.

Yes. So that when you have questions in your life, you're looking for guidance You want to connect with this ancient scripture and these ancient deities get centered And set your intentions, shuffle the deck, pull cards, and then receive messages from your higher self. That's beautiful. Yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah. So with that, I'll be [:

Master Victor: You also have a link to your website where people can get the t shirts and bandanas. Your socks and stickers amazing artwork.


Pale Horse: definitely. Check it out. Yeah. Yeah screen prints of deities and things on there So yeah, that's a it's a good way if you can like it helps to support this mission that I'm on now that I've left The client work behind and that's a big group pursuing this, you know, it's yeah, It's it's it helps me to really put into practice all these things I'm saying that I'm working on to trust the universe to give it all I've got and to trust that there it's going to show the way so absolutely

Master Victor: yeah and if you're ever in St.

e also leads a meditation in [:

Pale Horse: it. Had a blast.

Master Victor: Yeah. And if you all have any questions, leave some comments. You can we can try to answer them on future episodes. And, you know, Also before we go If you want to See anything about an on the village where they can find more information on

Pale Horse: that. Yeah, that's an if you like these practices is Some of the things that we're talking about my teachers.

just released for free this [:

Some of the, I would call it like the world cup of yogis that show up there and teach guided meditations and do new classes there. So ananda. org is a great place for all those meditation resources. I took

Master Victor: their introductory meditation course. I took it twice because the first time I got maybe to week six and then life happened.

So I took it again to really absorb the material. The depth of detail in the course and the difference it makes applying those details in your meditation is, I can't describe how important it is because, you know, you learn how to meditate and then you kind of end up going on your own and these little bad habits start creeping in and the way that they teach it.

each one of these steps are, [:

That really took my meditation practice to the next level.

Pale Horse: Yeah, I like to think of it since it's a martial arts podcast. I like to think about it as. You start out with get your white belt, even if you've been meditating, cause I had been dabbling in meditation for about eight years, but I really appreciated going back to the basics, how to sit, just getting my white belt again.

d teaching it. And then they [:

Five steps to it. Yeah, where you're actually You're training your nervous system to become an energy master And then at that point you can take the discipleship with Yogananda and then become initiated into Kriya Yoga And that takes about a year if you did them all back to back And so yeah, it's like for those who like to really have teachers and training.

That's the way to go

Master Victor: I just signed up for the second course. Oh amazing. Yeah, it starts It's either started this week or it's starting next week. Very cool.

Pale Horse: Very excited. Nice. Yeah. Super happy for you. Is there anything

Master Victor: else you'd like to share

Pale Horse: before we close out? Yeah. Just this has been pleasure getting to chat with everybody here.

ists and spiritual teachers. [:

Master Victor: Yeah. And you can, the name of the podcast is called seekers of the eternal and you can find it on Spotify. That's where I listen to it on. Is there any

Pale Horse: other platforms? Yeah. If you go to seekersoftheeternal. com, there'll be links to any of the, all the platforms there to get it from. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome.

Master Victor: Yeah. And I've been listening to it. I'm still like, probably episode 14 right now. And

Pale Horse: it's great. Nice. Yeah. Beautiful. Keep it up.

Master Victor: Definitely check it out. so much. Yeah. I'll see you all in the next episode.

Pale Horse: Blessings, friends.





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