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Podcast Hosting Platforms Podbean vs. Captivate.FM
Episode 1301st November 2022 • Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast • Lindsay Sutherland
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This podcast is hosted by Captivate, try it yourself for free.

I've been podcasting for 2 years now and when I started I built my system based on what my podcast coach recommended. As time has gone on, I've longed to automate and cut the time I spend podcasting down without limiting the number of episodes I produce.

I made it my mission to automate my podcasting experience as much as possible so that I can limit the amount of outsourcing required and make my life easier.

If you are podcasting or are considering starting a podcast this episode will be very helpful to give you a comparison between Podbean and Captivate. I used Podbean for nearly two years and only began researching other hosting platforms to find out what newer more advanced tech was out there. I never knew I'd find a platform as robust and easy to use as Captivate.

Switching my hosting platform was very easy. Although I was concerned that it would be problematic and stressed about the transfer... Captivate pulled my episodes over easily. Uploading new episodes is simple too. I love how the system walks me through important steps of adding elements to my episode that will improve show growth and listener experience. Podbean offered some of the same features, but it was in the "Advanced" section which is an easily overlooked expandable menu. saves me time by:

  • Pulling audio from Descript where I transcribe episodes and sometimes record them. This avoids a export / import situation.
  • Guest can book with me through the platform and then the show notes will easily pull their information over. (I have not used this yet, but plan too very soon.)
  • Captivate has a 1 - click syndication button that allowed me to connect my podcast with roughly 80% of podcast players with 1 click. The remaining 20% required the usual set ups which Captivate made super simple.
  • My RSS feed link is at the top of almost every page which cut time for me playing hide-and-seek with the link as I was doing with Podbean.
  • The website is Amazing! It looks beautiful and is easy to navigate. This was a HUGE reason why I moved from Podbean. I didn't like their website at all.
  • I use the Captivate website as a blog, so each of my episode show notes is now written in 'blog' style so that I don't have to recreate the post on my primary domain (PS, you don't have to have a third party and could get by with just using if you wanted too. It also integrates with WordPress.)
  • I have the Captivate podcast player framed in on my primary domain so people can listen on either site.
  • Helps me write robust and dynamic show notes with ease with its show notes templates and block templates. You can have as many templates as you'd like. Blocks help when you want to add a paragraph of content to each show note, without having to type it each time. Like this...

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This podcast is hosted by Captivate, try it yourself for free.

Other bonus features I love with Captivate.FM include their ad management system. It allows me to add ads and switch them out as promotions change. Listen, this ALONE is a huge reason to consider Captivate.FM. Simply record your commercial, or upload a commercial provided for you by a sponsor, then use their system to "bulk" place ads on all of your episodes with one click. YES< One CLICK!

Then, when sponsors change or promos change, you can swap out that ad with one click. YES< ONE CLICK. LOL

Now, for those of you that don't like this option. (I mean, really, who is that?) You can still hand-select and manually load ads, or include them in your original audio file.

Plus, Captivate's "Growth Labs" offer a slew of high value courses for podcasters looking to increase downloads and reach with their shows.

There are still so many features I have yet to use with Some I know about and haven't tried yet, while others I am still learning about. It seems like each time I log in I find something new to discover.

For example, I learned just this week that I can host up to 3 podcasts with my membership and create a NETWORK! WHAT??? I know, it's incredible.

I had already been thinking about launching a new podcast and was even thinking about using a free hosting platform because I didn't want to pay another membership fee. This was a priceless addition to my membership, which, by the way, was only a few dollars more per year than I was paying on Podbean.

With a network I can plug ads in for affiliates or sponsors across all podcast shows and manage them again in one place with ONE CLICK. Yes, it's incredible... (I think I already said that though.)

I truly can't say enough amazing things about Captivate.FM. I'm SOOO Happy I Switched from Podbean.

Sign Up With today This podcast is hosted by Captivate, try it yourself for free.

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