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What Does a Great Steak Restaurant and Auto Repair Have in Common? [E019]
Episode 1923rd February 2022 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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  • We compare the automotive to health care. Ever think of comparing us to Chef’s or Cook’s?
  • I'm watching an episode of a master chef with my daughter
  • The speed, efficiency, economy, and emotion that these professional chefs displayed and the contestants could not keep up was very glaringly obvious.
  • The fastest texts that come to mind that I've personally witnessed. And I mean, I know some are just insanely fast out there, and I've never seen them work, but the ones that I've seen firsthand, and it's not the terrible many, but the ones I've seen, that's the other thing. They work soul clean.
  • Everything laid out in a certain way is very orderly, which helps proficiency, efficiency, and quality. That's exactly what I was watching on this cooking show.
  • You do not have to have a license to be a chef. Education helps, and of course, experience helps. 
  • But you can go into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, have a brilliant cook back there, and have a great steak.
  • A brilliant chef can go to a hole-in-the-wall shop and have a very smart or capable, skilled technician work on their vehicle. And you would never know other than maybe Google ratings or Yelps or something of that nature and word of mouth, or randomly right. 
  • And if you had good luck. it's five years, and they are your mechanic, and they've always come through for you, and you're referring people to them.
  • There is a difference between shops with different labor rates, like steak restaurants.
  • If you have the investment in the facility, people, tools, and equipment, why not be sure your customer understands that they are getting quality, just like you’d get at a high end restaurant
  • We often compare ourselves to the health care industry.  Maybe thinking about quality food and customer experience at a restaurant will help us better explain and relate our pricing and services to our customer.

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