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Beyond the Suit: How Matt Dolman Created a Client-Centric Culture
Episode 295th May 2023 • Working the Wow! • Judd Shaw
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​​In this episode, host Judd Shaw interviews Matt Dolman, a personal injury lawyer from the Dolman Law Group in Clearwater, Florida. The pair discuss Florida's recent tort reform and its implications on the insurance industry.

Matt shares his connection to personal injury law, highlighting the importance of empathy, connection, and customer service in his practice. He believes word-of-mouth referrals are the most valuable, and maintaining low case volumes enables attorneys and staff to dedicate more time and attention to each client.

The two stress the need to be approachable at work, wearing casual attire and using self-effacing humor to create a comfortable atmosphere. Matt and Judd also discuss the significance of sharing their mistakes and vulnerabilities to connect with clients.

The episode covers fostering a positive work environment, as happy employees are more likely to become "brand evangelists." Team-building exercises and open dialogue are mentioned as essential in creating a strong team environment.

In this episode: 

  • [0:43] Recent tort reform in Florida and its potential impact on the insurance industry.
  • [01:28] How his father's injury in a car accident inspired Matt’s decision to pursue a personal injury career.
  • [05:18] The importance of empathy, connection, and customer service in a successful practice and their influence on client satisfaction.
  • [11:41] Approachability, dressing casually, and using self-effacing humor can help put clients and prospects at ease.
  • [14:04] Being open about personal mistakes and vulnerabilities helps to connect with clients.
  • [17:23] Creating a positive and happy workplace for employees is important, as they’re more likely to treat your clients well, remain with the firm, and become "brand evangelists."
  • [19:43] The importance of team-building exercises and encouraging open communication to create a strong team environment.
  • [22:26] Sterling the Knight and the mission of instilling empathy in children for a better future.

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Name: Judd B. Shaw

Company: Judd Shaw Injury Law

Connect: LinkedIn | Email

🎙️ Featured Guest 🎙️

Name:  Matt Dolman

Company:  Dolman Law Group

Connect:  LinkedIn | Email

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