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Talking Small Business - Kat Schmoyer & Megan Martin EPISODE 2, 1st July 2021
#002: How to Market Your Biz in 2021
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#002: How to Market Your Biz in 2021

It's no secret that social media is changing. And after working through many waves of changes online (remember when Instagram feeds were all about posting 3x a day with the prettiest photo in the world? Yeah, we do too), we've learned a few things about how to focus on what matters most as a small business owner who has to market online.

On this episode of the Talking Small Business Podcast, we're chatting about how to market your business in 2021. We dive into:

  • How the social media landscape is changing for business owners
  • A reminder to create content that’s useful to your clients – not just your aesthetic
  • How you can use social media to share your message without worrying about it being perfect
  • Why creating high quality content off social media still matters
  • The importance of an email list
  • Why taking a break from social media for a hot minute may not be the worst thing in the world

Listen now and learn where you should think about putting your energy as a small business owner trying to reach new customers online!


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