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5 Decisions You Must Make in Your Coaching Business
Episode 518th December 2020 • The Mindset Coach • Lara Young
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In my opinion, there are five key business decisions that all coaches must make, and they need to be made consciously. You really need to sit down and consider each one and what it means for you and your coaching clients.

By consciously making these strategic business decisions, you will keep yourself on track, attract clients to your coaching practice and help those clients get the results that they desire.

But what are these key elements and decisions that you need to make?

In this episode of The Mindset Coach podcast, I talk you through the five key business decisions that you must make in your coaching business.

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned coach looking to review and refine your business, these decisions are always relevant and should be considered a key part of your regular planning processes.

It’s time to consider:

  • Who you are going to serve? That’s right, it’s time to touch on niches!
  • What you are going to serve? What outcome are you helping your clients achieve?
  • How are you going to serve it?
  • When are you going to serve it?
  • What your positioning in the marketplace is
  • … and so much more!