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036 - Your "Desire" for the Higher Christian Life
Episode 3617th August 2021 • The Higher Christian Life • Steve McCranie
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What Does “Desire” for God Have to do with Inflation?

Usually, I send out an encouraging post regarding the Higher Christian Life and the importance of drawing close to Him in these times of trouble. But today, it’s going to be a bit different.

We have often discussed the importance of desire, especially when embracing the Higher Christian Life. In essence, we can have all the knowledge and understanding necessary to experience the Higher Christian Life, but without a desire to pay the price and “count the costs” (Luke 14:28) required for deep intimacy with our Lord, nothing happens. So I want to share something that will hopefully spur on your desire for more of Him, what we call the Higher Christian Life, no matter the costs, come what may.

Now, I know not everyone has an accounting/business background, and sometimes national economic trends and forecasts are hard to understand, let alone swallow. But the following article by Britt Gillette, The Next Financial Crisis, puts our current national situation regarding debt and quantitative easing in terms anyone can understand. And he is right on, perfect. His article will help you understand where we are heading financially as a nation, regarding the inflation you are currently experiencing, and hyper-inflation that is just around the corner.

And remember, this is all just a shadow of Revelation six. You might want to give that a quick read before going any further.

Carefully consider where we are as a culture and, if you seem troubled by it, then use that feeling of anxiety to fuel your desire for more of Him. And remember, the Higher Christian Life is yours for the asking when you ask in faith.

Until He comes,


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