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Reverend Joseph Pusateri's Story
Episode 1131st July 2021 • My Story of Addiction & Grace • Pastor Ed Treat
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In this episode the Reverend Joseph Pusateri shares his personal journey with addiction and how the grace of God led him into recovery and into the ministry. Pastor Joey lives in Danville, Kentucky, with his wife, Jennifer, a PhD student at the University of Kentucky, and their two daughters, Kira and Sadie. Pastor Joey is an ordained Disciples of Christ pastor and the senior pastor of the First Christian Church in Danville. I recently got to know Joey recently when talked about the work he is doing with a group a pastors in his denomination to deal with addiction. We have some of the same ideas about what the church should be doing and we are excited to be working together in the days ahead. He shares his story on a Friday morning on Zoom with me in the studios of Minnesota Podcasting and Pastor Joe in his beautiful office at his beautiful church in Danville.