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No. 087 [Guest] Expert Tips for Conducting Better Interviews, with Krys Boyd
8th February 2017 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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We have a special treat for you this week: an interview with one of Jerod’s favorite podcasters … even though she’s not really a “podcaster.” What she is, undoubtedly, is a remarkable interviewer. And in this episode of The Showrunner, she shares her tips and best practices for conducting better interviews that will make your audience THINK.

Krys Boyd is the host of THINK, a daily public radio show in Dallas, Texas. THINK is also published as a podcast, which is how Jerod (and his wife) found the show and became regular listeners.

THINK launched in November of 2006 and has won numerous awards. The podcast is doing quite well too — at over 200,000 downloads each month, more than half come from outside the state of Texas.

Krys has interviewed everyone from Jessie Jackson to Jane Goodall to Bryan Cranston, and she is one of the best crafters and askers of questions you’ll find anywhere. Her preparation and ability to guide a conversation are remarkable.

We really appreciate Krys taking some time out of her busy preparation schedule (which she discusses) to share some of her insights with us here on The Showrunner.

Among the topics we discuss:

  • Does she consider herself a podcaster?
  • How she is able to properly prepare for ten hour-long interviews per week
  • How she and her staff determine who will be on the show
  • What her research and preparation process is like
  • How she plans and organizes her questions/notes before each interview
  • How she balances the research and preparation she does with the need to live in the moment of an interview and follow interesting threads she may not have anticipated
  • What she would teach on the very first day of a class about interviewing (and who she would choose as her first guest lecturer — this answer really surprised me)
  • Who remains on her interview bucket list
  • What her success criteria is for an interview

The interview with Krys only stops out of respect for her time. The questions could have gone on endlessly, given her breadth of knowledge and willingness to be open about her experience and process.

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