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E155 - Selling With Silence: Knowing When to Be Quiet to Make More Sales | with Shannyn Lee
Episode 15520th August 2021 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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As someone who spent a decade in senior marketing and communication roles in fortune 500 companies before finally landing in her current role as the director of coaching at Win Without Pitching, Shannyn Lee has seen her fair share of pitches. Now she’s here to tell listeners about one of her top-selling secrets: silence! Shannyn’s tip is all about knowing when to be quiet. 

Want to know how staying quiet can help you make better sales? In this episode, Shannyn breaks down the value that silence can bring to your conversations. Not only does allowing moments of silence shift the focus to your client, it also allows you to be viewed as more caring and more strategic! 

We’ll even dive into what comes after that silence and discuss how to deal with inevitable objections. By the end of this episode, you’ll not only know how to utilize the superpower of silence, but also how to bring the right attitude to the tactic, position yourself as an expert rather than a vendor, and always sell with integrity. 

In this episode

  • [1:53]  Shannyn tells us about her career journey and how she ended up joining the Win Without Pitching team. 
  • [4:21] It’s time to ditch the pitch and sell differently! Shannyn explains why. 
  • [5:47] Shannyn’s one big tip is all about knowing when to be quiet. Here, she discusses the value of silence while selling. 
  • [6:47] How does being quiet help you sell? Shannyn says it puts the attention on the client and allows you to be seen as more strategic and caring.
  • [8:34] So how should you deal with objections? Shannyn explains that the key is to surface them early on in the conversation.
  • [11:35] Shannyn discusses key components of great selling, like positioning yourself as an expert and demonstrating selectivity. 

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