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A Deeper Wellness with Dr. Monica Vermani
Episode 252nd May 2022 • Traumagility • Hayley Adams, CMHC, LPC, CCTP
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Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych., and author of A Deeper Wellness joins us on the show. Caught up in the relentless pace of modern life, the demands of work, family and finances can, at times, leave us feeling overwhelmed. The demanding pace of life fosters anxiety, depression, restlessness, anger, irritability or unhealthy habits, like overeating, overworking and addictions. All too often, the daily grind can leave us struggling to keep up, with little or no time for self-care or reflection. We find ourselves merely existing, not living the life we wish to live.

In her new book, A Deeper Wellness, Dr. Monica Vermani provides the tools to create a deep, authentic sense of wellbeing. Drawing from her 25 years of clinical practice, Dr. Vermani takes readers through her tried and true steps of creating incremental, meaningful change. In 18 clear and succinct ‘chapters,’ the author guides readers through healing their pain and trauma, recognizing and confronting the thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of their happiness and connecting to their authentic self.

Inspiring and guiding readers to create deep, transformational change in their life, A Deeper Wellness provides a focused, and practical path to healing the past, dealing with the present and building an authentic, connected future — and creating for themselves a lasting, deeper wellness.

[0:44] Introduction

[1:17] Book- A Deeper Wellness

[3:12] Trauma on an intensity scale

[3:49] How trauma impacts you

[5:00] Where is trauma stored in the body?

[6:01] Perceptions of trauma and intergenerational trauma

[7:04] Patterns of behavior developed from trauma

[9:20] Mirror neurons and mimicking behavior

[11:28] Can you be addicted to trauma?

[12:30] Habit breaking

[13:32] Learning and unlearning

[14:45] How symptoms impact your life

[15:05] Spirituality

[16:29] "I am", "should" cognitive distortions

[17:58] Asking for help

[22:09] Is trauma healing linear?

[28:04] First responders trauma and envy

[30:20] Dr. Vermani how she started her career

[35:00] Actionable resources from Dr. Vermani

[40:10] Lesson to takeaway

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