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New Name: The ProNerd Report to the Single Player Experience
Episode 218th October 2022 • The Single Player Experience • Sebastion Mauldin @SDM3
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In this episode, I'll explain why I change the podcast from the ProNerd Report to the Single Player Experience. 

Enter the single-player experience, the video game podcast designed for solo gamers who wanna know about good single-player experiences. My name is Sebastion Mauldin. I've played hundreds of games and now I'm a video game reviewer who specializes in single-player games. My main quest is to help you manage your ever-growing gaming backlog by letting you know which single-player games are your time and money so that you can have the best single-player experience. Head to the to submit a comment or question for the show.

Join our community in the Single-Player Discord group. This will be a place where 

you can talk about the games you've been playing lately and what games you have in your video game backlog. 

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