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E28 • Music by Hater, Fate McAfee, Izzy Heltai, and Eric Pan
Episode 2830th November 2021 • Song Surfing • John Kehl
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The Song Surfing Podcast features the best in independent music! 

This episode is all about beautiful singing and beautiful-er melodies.  We’ll hear some introspective and honest songs, we’ll hear some piano music that tells an otherworldly story, correspondent Brianna Bass will make an appearance, and we’ll hear from the listeners about their current musical faves.  

Music will be played from Murray, Kentucky; Sweden; Massachusetts; and Taiwan.

Featured artists:

Hater, Fate McAfee, Izzy Heltai, and Eric Pan

Visit the Show Notes Page for links to the artists' sites and the best places to purchase and stream the music featured on this and all episodes of Song Surfing.   

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Photo credits:

Hater photo by Dino Muftic

Fate McAfee photo by Jeremy Lee Bachuss


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The theme music for this episode is “Living in a Fishbowl” by Wien Solo

The outro music is Little Pills by Patrick Moon Bird

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