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The Achieve Podcast - Christian Baker EPISODE 23, 6th April 2020
Come To Your Senses And Be More Present.
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Come To Your Senses And Be More Present.

How To Relax And Calm Your Mind And Be More Present.

In the last episode I shared 5 ways to help reduce stress, anxiety and worry, and one of the tips was to be more present.

In this episode I want to share another simple and effective strategy to help you, naturally get out of your own head, connect to your senses and be more present.

This technique is called 5-4-3-2-1, now there’s some slightly different versions shared and I’m going to share my version with you in this episode.

Firstly, stop and take a deep breath and become aware of 5 things you can see, and either repeat them out loud, or say them to yourself in your own mind.

My tweak on this is to find 5 things that are your eye level, or above.

4 – Become aware of 4 things you can feel.

It could be the ground beneath your feet, the fabric of your clothing, rubbing your thumb and finger together, a piece of jewellery, or I’ve had clients who have a small stone, or crystal that they carry around and then they hold it it and feel it in their hand.

And repeat these 4 things out loud or in your own head.

3- Tune in to 3 thing you can hear, the mind filters so much out, but when you stop and become aware of the sounds around you, tune into 3 things, it could be the sounds of nature, passing traffic, whatever you notice, repeat them to yourself.

2 – become aware of 2 things you can smell, flowers, scents, food, move around and find 2 things you can smell, or if you really can’t find anything, think about 2 of your favourite’s smells.

Or just take 2 nice slow deep breaths in & out!

1 – engage your sense of taste and become of 1 thing you can taste. Maybe something you’ve just eaten, or maybe you can still taste minty fresh toothpaste in your mouth, or take a mouthful of drink and connect to how that taste. Or imagine the taste of something you really enjoy!

Alternatively, just take a nice deep breath in & out.

This simple technique quickly and easily allows you to shift your focus, and be more present, if you don’t use, you won’t get the benefit from it.

I encourage you to do it throughout your day, I will often do this while I’m out walking my dog, to help me enjoy a few moments in the here and now.

The key is no to wait until you need to calm your mind, get in the habit and train yourself to do it frequently. This will help to keep you calm, bit also if you ever need to de-stress and reduce anxiety and worry it will be even easier and more beneficial for you.

And if you know anyone who would benefit from being more present please share this episode with them.

And remember what your mind believes you will achieve, so allow yourself to think differently, believe in yourself, take action and you can achieve the life that you want.

All the best



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