Sunsama: The reason I'm obsessed with my to-do list [Tip Tuesday]
Episode 909th May 2023 • Coffee Powered Systems • Miranda Merten
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Hey there! Welcome to another episode of "Coffee Powered Systems"! Today I'm excited to introduce you to a productivity tool that has been a game-changer for me - Sunsama!

Let's be real, achieving work-life balance can be a real struggle. But with Sunsama, managing my time effectively has become so much easier! This digital daily planner helps me stay focused and organized throughout the day.

One of my favorite features of Sunsama is the daily time goals. It's so satisfying to see the progress I'm making towards my goals throughout the day. Plus, the task ordering and calendar time boxing features help me prioritize my tasks and make sure I'm making the most of my time.

And can we talk about the ability to check emails from within the app? Genius! No more switching back and forth between my email and task list. And when I really need to buckle down and focus, I can enter focus mode to really commit to one specific thing.

Overall, I highly recommend Sunsama for anyone looking to track their to-do list and tasks. It's been a valuable tool for me and I'm sure it will be for you too!

[00:00:00]: Introduction and overview of Sunsama

[00:01:01]: My struggle with work-life balance and how it is hard to achieve.

[00:04:49]: Features of Sunsama, including its compatibility with other apps, guided daily planning, and daily time goals.

[00:08:34]: Email and time tracking features, the different ways to order tasks in Sunsama, including time blocking

[00:13:42]: Links to Resources

[00:14:30]: Conclusion

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