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The Importance of Rough & Tumble Play - with Stacy Wilson
Episode 532nd July 2021 • Parenting with PLAY! • Helena Mooney
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Physical play helps to build your child's physical and emotional confidence. So be inspired with playful ideas for more high-energy, rough and tumble play with your kids with Stacy Wilson, a fellow Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor & Primary School Teacher.

This type of play is perfect for bedtimes, transitions between separated parents, offloading frustrations & emotional upsets and so much more.

We also talk about how beneficial vibrant play is for girls, as well as for boys, particularly as they get older and are less likely to be running around in the playground.

Plus, we discuss Stacy's progression into becoming more of a playful parent, so if you don't find it easy to be playful, you're not alone!

So enjoy bringing some more rough & tumble play into your day.

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